zanes real estate sales: Lights on the Lake..... - 12/18/09 11:43 PM
Well last night we went to the Ashtabula Mall to see Santa and tell him what I want Matt wants for Christmas ... Lego's and Drums.....had something to eat and drove down to Lake Shore Park for the 4th annual Lights On The Lake.
Now if you have never been to this event or even heard of it here is the website check it out Lights on the Lake The site has maps, photos, story's, and a little about the people who put this on every year at Lake Shore Park in Ashtabula Ohio.
I didn't have any idea we were going to … (16 comments)

zanes real estate sales: From 39 to the speed of sound in less then 100 - 12/18/09 12:28 AM
 Todays history from 39mph to the speed of sound in less then 100 years. I'm sure everyone out there has gone a little over the speed limit at least once....Am I right? Well I got that out of my system years ago I rarely go more then 10 mph over on the freeway anymore. Now I just sit back and cruise in my slow VW Bug yes under 100mph....But ever since the invention of cars people have been racing them and seeing how fast they can go......and Today in history is the first ...............
Official land speed record set December 18, … (8 comments)

zanes real estate sales: Be an alert pedestrian...don't be a victim - 12/17/09 09:27 AM
This past weekend there was a death in one of our friends family. It was her little cousin that happens to have been a friend of my two older boys and they all went to the same school. She was a victim of a hit and run. They have the person responsible for it.....My post that for some reason never posted was a much angrier one.... Maybe that is good it got I am just posting this instead....
I have calmed down a little and decided to post something positive...below you will see a list of tips to help protect yourself. … (9 comments)

zanes real estate sales: Do you have something in common with them? - 12/08/09 02:36 PM
Do you have something in common with these people? Thomas Edison ,George H. W. Bush, Johnny Carson, Roger Ebert, Ralph Nader, Alice Cooper, The United States Military and maybe you.....Man that's an odd list of people don't you think?
Wheelbarrow's, covered wagon's, B-17 Flying Fortress air plane's, US6 6x6 military trucks, cars. That's a funny list of things isn't it ?
Well what do all these things and people have in common? maybe a few things but one thing for sure.....
The Studebaker yep they all owned or were made by The Studebaker Manufacturing Company. The only company to successfully bridge the … (15 comments)

zanes real estate sales: The little town time forgot - 12/03/09 05:44 AM
The little town time forgot. Just between borders South of Geneva (Harpersfield) and Madison is a little town called Unionville, Ohio. It is only 4 small square miles but has a lot of big history. From the historic Old Tavern to the Unionville United Church that was established in 1834. They even have their own post office that I used to send off some mail this morning....
If you ever want to go back in time this is the town to do it in. Some time in May (dates vary from year to year) they have Flea Market day, Unionville host over … (8 comments)

zanes real estate sales: So you have some money and you want to invest it ? - 12/02/09 04:55 AM
So you have some money and you want to invest it. Well where is the best place to put it? You have lots of option's on that but you need to make the best choice for your goals... how long do you want to wait for your return on your money? 1 year 2, 5, 20 years? and what are you doing it for? Retirement ? To supplement your income now? Or just to get out of the line of work your in now? What do you want your money to do for you?
Before you answer any of the questions read … (8 comments)

zanes real estate sales: Kids Safety is #1 a must read website............. - 12/01/09 01:06 AM
I was reading an article this morning after dropping off Matt at school and it mentioned this organization well there was no website or number. So I took a little trip into cyberspace looking for it. Well if you have kids or grand kids or any little ones you love I would suggest checking it out they have safety tips and product recalls. It is a very good site Safety Kids USA and it is loaded with great information.
You will find a lot of great advice on this site and who knows you my even end up saving or preventing injury … (5 comments)

zanes real estate sales: Loch Ness....The beauty and the beast - 11/25/09 12:39 AM
Loch Ness...The beauty and the beast
It don't matter if your 5 years old or 95 years old everyone has heard of the Loch Ness Monster right? If not click on the link... Well if you believe in Nessie or not, it still is an interesting story that's for sure. People have been reporting seeing the old girl since 1933 and with the most recent reporting this year. 
      nope not her..... ummm maybe her...
Its funny what governments do sometimes In the United States we have UFO's and to protect them we have ( area 51 ) Well I guess every one … (7 comments)

zanes real estate sales: Does your car make you better at your job? why? and are you sure? - 11/24/09 05:32 AM
Everyone in Real Estate most likely has a automobile. I'm sure some in a big city may not but most I would think have some type of car , truck , van , suv , crossover .....something they use to get around. Some type of auto right?
Well Reading a blog the other day got me to think....I know here I go again thinking.. The blog by the way was so funny you have to read it...The Life of a Red Feather Lakes Realtor's Vehicle by Mary Douglas  I mean by Mary's Car. It will make you laugh and it will make you think. Laugh … (11 comments)

zanes real estate sales: Are your state parks free? mine are..... - 11/23/09 01:04 PM
As the winter is sneaking up on us Geneva on the Lake is slowing down the outside activity's are closing up for the winter on the strip. The streets during the day will be less busy and the locals will be back to normal life in a small town.
But guess what!!!! Now is the time to visit us there is still plenty to do in the Geneva area. We have Wineriers , Lodging , Nightclubs , Restaurants , Fishing , and State Parks.... Yes State Parks Did I mention they are free.... I am very fortunate I live about 4 miles from the Geneva … (4 comments)

zanes real estate sales: Speechless Sundays.... "It's been a ruff day" - 11/21/09 11:41 PM


zanes real estate sales: Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Feel Guilty About Eviction.... - 11/21/09 12:29 AM
This is a little lesson I learned last year that I thought I would pass on to you. Last year I had tenants that were late on the rent. Being the nice guy that I am I would give them some time to catch up. (This is important it is just the 2 of them they both work full time and no kids...)
 Well when I didn't hear from them or get any rent payments in the mail. I went knocking on the door...... I'm not one to go off the wall without good reason....I am laid back kind of guy, But they answered … (14 comments)

zanes real estate sales: Things I have learned from my 4 year old.... - 11/20/09 12:32 AM
Things I have learned from my 4 year old.....A day in the life of Matthew.
There is no such thing as child-proofing your house. So don't even waist your time.  A 4 years-old's voice is louder than 100 adults in a crowded restaurant.   Play Dough and Microwave should never be used in the same sentence. Soccerballs make marks on ceilings and walls You should not throw baseballs up when the ceiling fan is on. When using the ceiling fan as a bat you have to throw the ball up a few times before you get a hit. A ceiling fan can hit a … (10 comments)

zanes real estate sales: Are you an Edsel ? - 11/19/09 03:38 AM
That's right I asked you if you were an Edsel... some of you know what an Edsel is others don't. 1st and foremost and Edsel is a automobile that Ford Motor Company made from 1957-1959 model years 1958-1960. Edsel . 2nd.... after the failure of the Edsel auto it took on a whole new meaning "The word 'Edsel' became synonymous with failure," says Marshall Brain, the founder of, who has written extensively about the Edsel.
He's not kidding. Look up Edsel in Webster's dictionary. The first definition is specific: "automobile produced (1957-1959) by the Ford Motor Company." The second is broader: … (12 comments)

zanes real estate sales: Wordless Wednesday (how do you feel about being clean) - 11/17/09 10:36 PM


zanes real estate sales: 5 Myths and the Facts you should know if you have kids... - 11/17/09 08:33 AM
My son Matt goes to Madison Pre K School in Madison, Ohio and they are always sending papers home with him. Papers for this and papers for that, papers for anything you can think of......I think they alone have knocked off half the rain forest with the papers they have sent home. but that's a whole different post...
Well today I found a paper they should have sent home with him. But they didn't it was on the wall of useful information and I found it to be just that.....useful..... Funny they haven't sent this one home. Well if you have … (7 comments)

zanes real estate sales: Activity's for Ashtabula Ohio 11/19/09-11/28/09 - 11/16/09 12:44 AM
Things to do in Ashtabula County Ohio for the rest of November 2009...Well we have a lot going on for the rest of November around the County everything from making silk scarves to Riding on a train with Santa. we have food beer and roller skating and the start of the Christmas light shows...Singers and earing making and we even have a Gingerbread House Contest .....
Below is a list of the events going on with contact information click on their link or give them a call I'm sure they would be happy to tell you all about whats going on.....

zanes real estate sales: Speechless Sundays ( add your own caption ) - 11/14/09 11:30 PM


zanes real estate sales: Hey buddy what do you think this is The Indianapolis 500? - 11/14/09 09:47 AM
Ok most of you know I am a big racing fan NASCAR, Off-Road Rally, Indy, Formula 1, If it has a motor and they are racing I am there....Well just about everybody knows about  Indianapolis Motor Speedway if you don't click on the link....
You know your driving down the freeway and some crazy (person) goes flying by you like you are standing still and what do you say.....Hey buddy what do you think this is the Indianapolis 500? or you may say something I don't think I will write here.....but you know what it is...
Anyway this is about what almost didn't happen … (9 comments)

zanes real estate sales: The Virtual Wall a must visit website.....check it out.. - 11/13/09 12:53 AM
In 1983 I went to Washington DC with my classmates to see the sites. It was one of the best field trips I was ever on. We went to a lot of places that week. and did a lot of things...
The National MallLincoln MemorialWashington MonumentJefferson MemorialArlington Memorial and House
Just to name a few....
Looking back now when you are 13-14 years old some things just don't mean as much as when your older. I remember going to see the  Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the only thing I remember about that was saying at "least my dads name isn't on there" then thinking wow someones … (15 comments)


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