selling a home: Home Sellers, Focusing on Gross over Net Could Cost You! - 01/24/19 11:56 AM
Home Sellers, Are you Focusing on Gross over Net?  I have seen a lot of Home Sellers that hold out for a full price offer, when they should be looking at the larger picture. They are waiting for that offer only because a neighbor had the same square footage and received it, when they need to ask what condition was their home in and what was the final net proceeds they received? Here is a scenario I ran by sellers that were holding out for full price and not fully understanding the bottom line: "An investor is willing to go up to $317,500, with … (0 comments)

selling a home: How Clutter Can Sink Your Chances of Selling your Home - 10/21/18 03:30 PM
How Clutter Can Sink Your Chances of Selling your Home
Selling a home in Arizona is not always the easy process you might expect. Even if your home is large, in a great neighborhood or has other terrific features, there are things that some prospective buyers will likely be unable to overlook. Clutter is among the most problematic aspects of a home for anyone hoping to make a sale. Keep reading to learn how to prevent a messy home from being your undoing.
If you tend to accumulate lots of personal items and your home's current condition reveals that trait, you are sure … (0 comments)