leasing: Should You Allow a Tenant to Have a New Roommate? - 07/19/13 03:41 AM
When you have a tenant that you’ve signed a lease with, sometimes their life situation changes before the lease is up. In some cases, they may want to add a new roommate to their household. But is it appropriate for them to just go ahead with that, or should they ask you first?
What you need to keep in mind is that a lease is a written contract that binds you and your tenant to its terms. If you ever need to take your tenant to court and not everyone living in your property is on the lease, you may not … (2 comments)

leasing: Always Get It In Writing And In The Lease - 03/27/13 02:40 AM
Sometimes the owners of rental properties are too trusting for their own good. You, as the property manager, undoubtedly know what I’m referring to. But that’s why the owner hires you to begin with. They don’t want to have to deal directly with the resident-tenant, right?
For this article I wanted to share a true story that demonstrates why it’s imperative to protect your clients from situations where the resident says something like, “We don’t need it in writing. I have great references and my word is as good as any document.”
In this story it was the Property Manager’s idea … (2 comments)

leasing: Leasing Best Practices for Property Managers - 01/16/13 05:49 AM
Leasing up your apartment community can be challenging in the best of time. But for smaller property management companies or those managing smaller properties, it can become even more difficult to compete with larger companies with a more robust marketing budget. Already behind the eight ball, these community managers can then find themselves fighting a losing battle when faced with competing against aggressive concessions that are typically offered by larger management companies.
Rather than watching your revenue drop and your vacancy rate rise, remember that there are ways to remain competitive with the big guys, even if financial resources are limited … (2 comments)

leasing: Handling a Weedy Problem - 07/19/12 04:11 AM
Handling a Weedy Problem
It is the season when everything is beginning to bloom, and while many of the perennial flowers popping up are beautiful, there are less appealing things following suit – namely, weeds. Dandelions, clover, tall spikey things (does anyone actually know the name of those?); they are all a major nuisance that someone needs to deal with. But the question is, who?
Well, with a rental property it comes down to either the tenant or the landlord (or property manager if there is one). But just because you as the landlord/property manager would rather not do the work … (1 comments)

leasing: The Pros and Cons of Shorter Leases - 06/20/12 07:24 AM
The Pros and Cons of Shorter Leases
No landlord wants to experience fast turnover with one of their properties, increasing the likelihood of vacancies. Therefore, short-term rentals are not a desirable option for many landlords who want increased stability. However, there are still some reasons you might choose to go with a shorter lease. As a landlord, you’ve got to make the decision as to what you’d rather do with each tenant.
Pros of Shorter Leases Tenant evaluation – the length of the lease gives you the opportunity to truly evaluate the quality of the tenant. You can screen them … (0 comments)

leasing: The Pros and Cons of Longer Leases - 06/19/12 05:44 AM
The Pros and Cons of Longer Leases
While a 1-year lease is average, landlords have the option of offering virtually any duration to their tenants. Leases that are longer than one year can have their benefits, but there are some downsides to be aware of as well.
Pros of Longer Leases Retention of high-quality tenants – if you offer a lease of 1.5 years or more to a new tenant, you could get lucky and find that they are the perfect fit for your property. In that instance, having them on a longer lease works out to your benefit. You can … (12 comments)

leasing: 4 Ways to Add Unique Curb Appeal to a Rental - 04/27/12 06:01 AM
4 Ways to Add Unique Curb Appeal to a Rental
Curb appeal is important with any rental property. It’s a prospective tenant’s first impression and says something about the way you care for your rental. However, at a time when there are so many rentals on the market, and many renters as well, competition is pretty steep. Sometimes it’s not enough just to mow the lawn and ensure that a home has a fresh coat of paint on its exterior. If you want to wow people driving by, or even when they’re looking at pictures, sometimes you’ve got to get creative … (1 comments)

leasing: Identifying Your Target Market - 04/04/12 04:10 AM
Identifying Your Target Market
When you put a rental property on the market, you have to know who you want to appeal to with your property. Your choice will determine the marketing methods that you use, the way you present the property, and even the length of the lease.  So make sure that you determine who you intend to appeal to so that you use the right approach.
Check out the following categories to see the type of renters certain properties are most likely to appeal to.
Single-family house – if you are offering a property that has two or more … (1 comments)

leasing: Assignment of Lease vs. Subletting - 03/02/12 01:58 AM
When you are a landlord, you may encounter circumstances where someone wants to move out of your property before their lease is up, either permanently or for a fixed period of time. If you’re not willing to cancel the lease, there are two main ways the tenant can do this – an assignment of lease or subletting. These two concepts may sound very similar if you’re not familiar with the terminology. After all, the terms both indicate that someone else will be living in the property instead of the person who signed the lease. But knowing the difference is important.
In … (2 comments)

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