online applications: Four Reasons Why A Property Manager Should Go Paperless - 03/21/13 01:19 AM
These days, it is rare to complete applications by paper. If you are are a property manager, it may be a good idea to switch to a paperless application procedure. This would allow tenants to fill out forms electronically, submit them electronically and hear back about the application without having to use a single sheet of paper. Here are 4 reasons why it may be a good idea to go paperless.
Cutting Down On Paper Saves Money
Allowing tenants to submit their free rental application form online means that no paper is required to complete the application process. This saves money … (4 comments)

online applications: What to Do When Tenants Break the Rules - 06/04/12 03:14 AM
What to Do When Tenants Break the Rules
Many tenants sign a lease agreeing to abide by the terms in order to get themselves into a home. However, there are some tenants that decide they can make their own rules once they’ve moved in. They assume that you, the landlord, will not figure it out (at least initially); or simply believe they have the right to do things their own way in their own residence. If you figure it out, what should you do?
Evaluate the severity of the issue – consider just how serious of a violation the tenant’s actions … (2 comments)

online applications: Making Your Property Appeal to a Transferee Tenant - 05/21/12 03:43 AM
Making Your Property Appeal to a Transferee Tenant
A transferee tenant is a very different species from a typical renter. Landlords have got to make sure that they know how to make their properties appeal to tenants that have recently been transferred into the area for work. Whether transferee tenants are looking for a short-term rental or long-term home, you can make your properties more tempting to them by focusing on a few key things:
Make it simple to evaluate your property from a distance –individuals that are being transferred often have a lot on their plates already, and just don’t … (0 comments)

online applications: Who Should Handle the Landscaping on a Rental Property? - 05/14/12 08:59 AM
Who Should Handle the Landscaping on a Rental Property?.
If your rental property is a single-family home, or any type of property that has an outdoor space, it is important to outline who is responsible for what when it comes to property maintenance. Often, yes, you do leave some of the responsibilities to your tenants, but you’ve got to think carefully about what you really want them to manage – otherwise, you may just have to kiss any curb appeal goodbye. So, think about the common landscaping tasks and weigh the pros and cons of having the tenant do it … (1 comments)

online applications: 3 Dangers of Mis-Pricing Your Rental Property - 05/10/12 03:42 AM
3 Dangers of Mis-Pricing Your Rental Property
When you first put your investment on the market in order to attract a tenant, you need to price it well. Pricing your property either too high or too low can lead to disaster. It is important to try and price your property based on what the market dictates for rentals. If your price is off, you may run into any of the following problems:
You don’t attract any serious applicants – you may find that you get substantial foot traffic, but never get any serious rental applications. This can occur whether you price … (1 comments)

online applications: Do You Need to Generate Interest on a Tenant’s Security Deposit? - 03/19/12 04:08 AM
Do You Need to Generate Interest on a Tenant’s Security Deposit?
Most landlords collect a security deposit to make sure that they have money to cover any damages caused by the tenant. This is something that you can inform prospective tenants of via a rental application form. This money is most often required when the lease is signed (and the initial rent checks are issued) before the tenant moves in.
As a landlord, you’re probably already familiar with this process. But do you know what you’re supposed to do with the money once you get it from the tenant? You will … (1 comments)

online applications: How to Find the Right Tenant with Fewer Showings - 03/07/12 08:23 AM
How many times should you show your rental property before determining if you’ve found the right renter? Is there a minimum or a maximum that will help get you to the magic number and the magic tenant? Not really, but there are a few things that you can do to simplify the process and find a new tenant in as few showings as possible.
Post all the details online – when you post your rental ads online, be thorough in both your description and your photos. By providing a complete tour of your property in photos and filling in any remaining … (3 comments)

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