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Somehow, as fate would have it, my Uncle Ed ended up in pilot school during the WWII era  in Natchitoches, Louisiana, where he met a knockout blond, Marty Murphy.  His silver tongue and Hollywood looks convinced my dad's only sister to marry him.  That's how we got our Uncle Ed, the war hero. A m...
Wow. Sometimes the truth hurts, doesn't it? A friend of mine, Frankie Mann, owner of Office Equipment and Supply, stopped by the office yesterday.  He's quite the businessman.  He's quite the salesman.  He's quite the honest friend. "Todd, you've got to hit the street, at least two to four hours ...
"Who are you going to call when it's the middle of the night and you're standing in your front yard, in your underwear, watching your home burn to the ground?" And who's going to answer the call and say, "No worries, I'll be right over.  You have great insurance coverage, and I'll bring my checkb...
I've come to realize that many people don't mind being average.  It's comfortable.  There isn't much change involved with being average, and the life of an average person is fairly predictable.  It's also incredibly boring for many of us who thrive on getting outside of our comfort zones. It's ha...
Debt sucks.  I hate it.  It causes stress, sleepless nights, divorce, premature death, and many other conditions that aren't helpful to living a happy life. Somehow we've (Americans) become accustomed to carrying the burden of debt, and have become numb to it's throbbing pain. But, for those who ...
(As told to me.) I lost my dad when I was three years old.  I don't remember him.  Mom said he was a special man.  He must have been, because she never married again.  I used to ask her why she never remarried. "Because I've never met anyone who could replace him," she would smile and say. Mom g...
The day didn't start very well for Cynthia.  She didn't hear the alarm going off, the kids weren't up getting ready for school, and she had thirty minutes to get them all dressed, fed, and loaded into her Explorer. Rushed is an understatement. She swore that the light was yellow when she stepped ...
I'm not really sure that there is a difference, you know.  Between cheap wine and better wine.  According to my wine drinking friends, there is a difference (My brother-in-law can tell you the differences, ad nauseum.) I hear all kinds of reasons why expensive wine is better.  Aged better. Doesn'...

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