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Thoughts on the real estate profession and property owner rights in America, energy efficient building, green homes, alternative fuels, alternative materials and freedom to make personal lifestyle choices free from abusive governmental interference.



I'm a builder (and also a licensed broker).  And many builders are hurting in this market.  There's only so much I can do with price on homes before its better to send them back to the bank.  So, as a builder, I'm looking for any advantage I can get.  Price, features, bonuses, upgrades, marketing...
Yep, you read right.  Raise the price! Of course, you don't do this on just any property.  What you do is give the buyers a reason to buy THAT house.  And that reason today is energy.  My company has launched a new program in Texas to retro-fit alternative energy packages to existing homes.   By ...
I have a dream . . .   That one's already taken.  But it captures the sentiment.  I've been toying with this idea now for about 10-15 years.  I want to start a very unique school that combines our heritage or pioneer living skills with modern green energy technologies. This would be a place where...
The audacity of some people!  Who elected me Guru?  No one. I looked around and the position was vacant, so I opted in. :-)   Seriously, I've only been active for a couple of weeks, been a member since January '08.  Finally dove in head-first and have been having quite a time of it. I have notice...
I love this time of year!  I live in Fannin County, NE of Dallas about 80 miles, between Sherman and Paris.  Another 20 miles north and you could call me an Okie!  I office out of my home and have a huge set of plate glass windows in my second story office that look out directly into the surround...
This is the second in a series of articles on "Green" building technologies. If you would like to be notified when the other articles are posted, then please subscribe to The Green Zone, a group for all things green. Not just the technology and livestyle, but the financial kind as well. Have ques...
Finally, The Armadillo Party is live.  Those who are left wanting something more or different on the ballot this year, now's your chance to come and share in the fun that can be had when the restraints of the two major parties are banned from the room.  Tired of "Did to! Did not!", finger pointin...
In my business, (custom building) green sells!  All of my customers/prospects are wanting green homes, or at least as green as their budgets will allow. For example: we'll be starting a 9000' home for the owner of a very well known Dallas business.  We had the energy audit run on the plans per st...
I'm curious.  Here in the North Texas area, it seems that land prices keep edging up or at least holding their own.  I'm not talking about lots, but land, acreage, rural dirt.  Put a house on it and it seems to drop the value. Of course, being a builder, I may be a bit myopic, but folks seem to w...
I was perusing the blogs and there seems to be some questions around customer/prospect behaviors and how to deal with them.  I've responded to a few and I found that my replies all came down to the central theme:   Are you attracting business or chasing customers?   Its a simple enough question, ...

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