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Just finished listening to David Blume's interview on Coast to Coast.  You can listen to the audio here: Alcohol Can Be A Gas.   A lot of interesting facts, stats, myths and mis-direction are presented and uncovered.  One item I found of particular interest is that America has about 30,000,000 ac...
Some interesting statistics regarding selling and financing.  Its no secret that the credit meltdown has severely curtailed the number of buyers in the market.  Just how bad has recently been disclosed.  Up to 50% fewer people are qualifying for loans today than they were in 2006, the peak of the...
I started publishing an online newsletter for my construction marketing business.  It comes out once a week(ish) and features an article that relates to custom home construction and green building in particular.  It will also feature different technologies, builders, professionals and issues that...
The idea of "Green" hitting the RE world is a good thing.  However, I'm a little amused at this "new" discovery. I've been building "Green" homes for the past 8 years. "Green" is a very old concept.  It is the principle which the native Americans lived by.  They had to.  They learned to live with...
I've been reading and watching the news, as we've all been doing for our industry.  Doesn't it strike you as peculiar that the problem with subprime loans should have such a tsunami effect on the entire financial system?  Seems this has uncovered a major systemic problem with how the world does b...
I've been reading and listening to energy forecasts and how we are where we are. First, a little trivia: In what year was the first ever recorded law enacted to conserve fuel resources? 1581 Enacted by the English Parlament to conserve the forests that were being harvested to fuel furnaces for ir...
UP for AUCTION: This is it folks, the last of the JO Ranch.  Approximately 4.3 acres overlooking Scenic View Estates and Lake Granbury. Bidding starts at $75,000.00 Hill top views less than 100 yds from the lake. Features: Tree topped bluff overlooking surrounding area and lake 4.3 acres with pon...
Cass County, Texas (South of Texarkana). Approximately 15.143 acres of rolling woodland, with Ag Exemption: $29,900.00 This secluded property is tucked away in a nice quiet area with similarly sized properties. Features: Neighbors report lots of wildlife, deer Approximately 75% in timber Electric...
Michael Michaud | 903/640-0888 CR 2591, Naples, TX Woods, Wildlife and Wow. Optional: new log cabin. Eligible for SOLAR power program. Owner/Agent 15+ acres Timbered Land offered at $26,500 Lot Size 15+ acres DESCRIPTION This property is tucked away in a nice quiet area with similarly sized prop...
Yea!!!!!  Gas prices are coming down. Can you believe it?  Oil under $60/bbl!  However, for every yin, there's a yang.  The downside to lower energy prices is that alternative energy systems are becoming relatively more expensive as an option. Their payback on investment is being stretched out in...

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