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While we're all busy putting '08 to bed and gearing up for '09, the consensus for the economy, regardless of direction, is that "Green" will have a positive impact. Have you given any thought what-so-ever to incorporate green into your business plan? From simple things like conservation measures:...
As we celebrate this season we call Christmas, let us consider why this time of year exists. God gave the perfect gift to us for our salvation.  Not only in the eternal sense, but in how we live our lives in this world. If we will follow His example and give the very best of ourselves, to love th...
After only 3 weeks of listing and marketing, I just put a 4+ acre piece of land under contract.  The technique I used to generate attention was to use the round-robin auction.  It worked beautifully in that is got a lot of attention, instead of listing it high and inching the price down, I starte...
You either get social media or you don't. Here's a way to help explain the fascination with it by way of analogy. This is way too funny to not post.  I've cleaned it up, however, if you're offended at low-brow humor, skip this post.       This was actually sent to me by a female colleague years a...
We've all been wondering that.  How long have we been in this tunnel and when will we come out of it? Don't really know, but here is the historical data to compare to: This data is supplied by the National Bureau of Economic Research. With updated information, our economy started the recession ab...
I finished a webinar tonight on short selling.  Some good information.  Most interesting was the assessment of the different mortgage companies and how they handled short-sales. On the list of "good" companies to work with in a short sell situation were these: EMC GMAC Citi Mtg/Citi Financial Was...
For all the talk about the credit crisis and the coming credit card crisis, there is a silver lining.  All the foreclosures are putting the fear of God into the credit card companies. If you have a significant amount of debt and are struggling to maintain payments, you have an option.  You can tr...
Calling all brokers, agents, mortgage professionals: Do you have any dead short-sale deals that you would like resurrected?  Its not the Second Coming, its a second chance. If you have any short-sale deals that have gone by the wayside, let me know.  I've got a network of money to work with. Shoo...
As the title says, this is not about political speeches and campaign promises.  (I guess you could say that was my nickname: Mr. Wind and Sunshine.) This is about America's future. These two natural resources are in abundant supply.  Both can be harnessed to power our homes.  America has embarked...
Surprise, Surprise, Surprise (ala Gomer Pyle). I live out in the country where high-speed internet service is non-existant. I put up with it for years and finally broke down and ordered satelite internet.  What a difference.  Now, I get much faster through-put on my surfing, etc. However, my prov...

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