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Need a lift? I've decided that I will be a conduit of encouragement by finding other posts on AR that are inspirational and giving them more exposure.  This feature will be entitled: Need a Lift? I'll reblog them as I find them.  If you post these types of videos, please make the public and then ...
Welcome to the first set of TLA's (Three Letter Acronymns, but who's counting?) that have a major impact on the acceptance of your short-sale or REO purchase contracts. NABPOP: The National Association of Broker Price Opinion Professionals.  You can find them at BSB: BPO Standards ...
Its official:  fly the flags.  There's a reason for Texas to be proud.  Another first in the real estate industry.    Fannin County is having a county-wide open house and Wild Hog Roundup.  And you are invited.    The perfect storm has hit Fannin County, Texas that created this world's first: We ...
To borrow one writers assessment of Texas politics, Jake Kemp: "It's an odd-numbered year, and I think we all know what that means, right? Right? Time to amend the Texas Constitution!" So, in addition to local election stuff, here's what's going on state wide.  This is important because the major...
Here's a cool adaptation of SM technology that I saw here on AR last December.  I think its worth another look-see for those of us who are coming around to incorporating more SM and SEO into our marketing programs. I'm looking at this and trying to figure out how to adapt it to prospective client...
Pardon me while I hijack your thread . . . . We've all either seen it, experienced it or been guilty of it.  And that's posting links in comments that promote a site, blog, service or worse, blatant spam.  (I've nailed a few of those, but that's for another post). We all know that it is poor form...
  I was crusing the blogs looking for inspirational videos.  And boy, does this one fill the bill.  Oddly, the original post didn't get any comments at all. Its how a 19 YO bag boy with Downs Syndrome transformed a neighborhood grocery store by doing one small thing.  Watch this video.  Think SEO...
Most of us will say that we want to be the best, top of the heap, The "BIG DOG".  One of the ways to get to BIG DOG status is to run with them.  And by that I mean hang out, virtually if not in reality.  And that's what's really cool about AR.  You can hang with some of the very best in the busin...
Ok folks, its that time of year.  Halloween.  And what a great excuse to start a new "Blog" party group. Party reviews are coming in: Ruth says: "HOW FUN IS THIS!!!" Marie says: "Now this is just too much fun!"   A blog party is similar in concept to a progressive dinner party.  Each course is he...
Bob Stewart started a new contest yesterday: Using Your Blog To Enhance Existing Relationships So I'm taking him up on the challenge.  It is not rocket science, but really helps me generate good content for my websites and newsletters.   I will write a blog post about a topic that I want to cover...

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