green building: History of Conservation in Texas: Part 1: A timeline to 1900 - 11/21/09 03:55 PM
Are you into conservation?  Like to see the history of conservatation awareness and activities in the US and particularly Texas?
Here they are, courtesy of the Texas Legacy Project.  They are collecting videos and documents that capture the history and development of Texas and its relationship to conservation:
If you're into conservation, then you'll be interested in our various green building technologies and methods.  Check it out at or
Some key Events in Conservation History in Texas:

green building: Calling All Mortgage Professionals (especially Texas): Construction Loans? - 11/18/09 11:42 AM
Seems all the talk is about the first time home buyer's credit being extended and expanded.
If we're really going to see a turn around in RE, we need to get construction going. 
It was tough to get green projects financed before because of the extra costs up front to build.  However, from the first month an owner lived in the home, their total out of pocket to own the home was LESS than a conventionally built home.   However, that didn't impact how a property was appraised or the loan ratios evaluated.
So now with the stupidity from Washington codified into … (3 comments)

green building: Wanting to Build Next Spring? You better start the process NOW! - 11/17/09 01:18 PM
If you are thinking you would like to build a home sometime next spring, you better get the ball rolling right now.
The success of your project and the satisfaction you'll have with your home is directly related to the preparation work you put in before any construction takes place.
Here's a brief overview of the steps you'll need to take before you can start building:
Location: Where do you want to build? Do you already have the land or will you need to buy?  Knowing where you are going to build and the terrain and landscape will have a big … (4 comments)

green building: Green isn't just new technology - 11/14/09 03:59 PM
How's this for "Green":

This is a 2'x2' piece of old barn roofing tin that has been flattened out and stamped with this design and then white-washed.  It can be used for ceilings, wainscots, door or cabinet inserts.
This is the ultimate in green: recycling.  Taking an old piece of building material that has come off of a structure that is being taken down and then repurposed and reused in new construction and other applications.
If you would like to order these in quantity for your project, you can drop me an email. 
This is through my reclaimation company: … (7 comments)

green building: Put the King on Your Virtual Team - 10/20/09 01:00 PM
(Before you read this, stick your tongue FIRMLY in your cheek. Contains serious self-aggrandizement and self promotion with a twist, help for your business.)
Yep, its true.  I'm the King of Green builders on AR.  Top ranked builder in Texas, the 3rd overall on AR, but the #1 builder when it comes to "green" construction and alternative energy.
It's 3 days short of my 1 year anniversary as King (or guru).  Here's the post where the coronation took place:
Mike has just proclaimed himself the "Home Building Guru in Residence" for the AR Community!  
Being King does … (3 comments)

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