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Getting to Green. By making older homes and buildings more energy efficient, you make a smart investment. Buildings that save energy sell faster and for more money. They cost less to run--cutting your utility bills. They are healthier and more comfortable to live in--with less mold and fewer allergens...preventing drafts and hot and cold rooms.



Things come in waves. My buyers are all asking for 1st floor powder rooms. In the average, 60-year-old houses that I sell, some have them and some don't. I get it that some people have elderly relatives that need them, but these days it seems everybody wants one. I don't think they make sense unl...
I f you don't believe me, read the article in the Washington Post.
Here is the debate that I am having with my seller: He has a beautiful, 200 year old stone Colonial farmhouse on 4 acres that has been on the market for more than a year. I'm the 3rd agent in. In olden days, many Colonial homes were built right next to the road. His is no exception. The view of h...
I hate candles and plug ins. I don't think they help homes sell.

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Getting Greener Makes Your home worth more!
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