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Getting to Green. By making older homes and buildings more energy efficient, you make a smart investment. Buildings that save energy sell faster and for more money. They cost less to run--cutting your utility bills. They are healthier and more comfortable to live in--with less mold and fewer allergens...preventing drafts and hot and cold rooms.



Darryl Davis says "Buyers want the shiney penny." Why don't contractors get that? Contractors offer Big Box store run of the mill. Buyers want something special: cool bathrooms, closet systems, cool kitchens. Believe me, they notice when you cheap out. Flippers are 45 year old guys. They keep ren...

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Getting Greener Makes Your home worth more!
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Philadelphia real estate agent who helps buyers and sellers enjoy the benefits of better building performance. Energy efficient buildings sell for more money. They are more comfortable and healthy to live in. They save you money on your energy bills every month.