green: One family cut their water heating bill by 76% - 06/19/14 07:24 AM
Thanks to Green Home Guide!
Solar thermal: The best on energy factor however didn’t meet our budget and had to be installed on the south side of our roof which was the front of the house.  My wife didn’t like that.
LP Gas tankless: The energy factor is around .94 and is consider by most to be more efficient than the LP Gas tank water heater we currently had at .63 efficiency. Honestly this was the one we thought we would go with from the start. However, I would advise you to weigh the pros and cons before purchase. We … (4 comments)

green: Cost of the Commute-- It SHOULD BE a MAJOR Factor in Home Buying - 12/15/13 06:04 AM
 Sadly, four of my clients have come to regret buying the cool house with the hour-long commute. They all had jobs with non-rush-hour hours. They all liked driving. But a long drive gets old fast. It costs at least 50-cents a mile to commute....when you factor in wear and tear and maintenance as well as gas. The hidden costs of a long commute include MUCH MORE STRESS. Traffic is very aggravating. Being far from home when you have children is stressful. Driving in bad weather is dangerous. Yes, if you look 30 miles farther away, you can probably find a nicer … (0 comments)

green: NAR convention in New Orleans Nov 5 to 8.... - 09/08/10 11:46 AM
National Association of Realtors is catching up with "green" at their upcoming convention in fabulous New Orleans. There will be several green courses....finally some on marketing and selling "green" homes. There will be a Green Pavilion so that all the vendors with an environmental slant will be in one place. Thank you, NAR!

green: Builders "get" Green....Why don't we? - 05/28/10 11:22 AM
I met a builder at the National Association of Home Builders conference last week in Raleigh. He had just finished teaching a NAR Green class in Connecticut. At the beginning of the class, he asked people to raise their hand if they were not really interested in green, but just taking the class to get the required credits to renew their licenses. All but 3 realtors in the room raised their hands. Green is the color of money. Green houses in Oregon sell for 15% to 30% more. They sell faster. And Green is the Right thing to do. So, catch … (3 comments)

green: Why is it taking us so long to add energy efficiency to our list of must-haves? - 02/14/10 06:52 AM
ReGreen and the US Green Building Council are releasing guidelines to help realtors "green" their MLS. It is up to us to get those guidelines and use them! This is a great way to add real value to our list of services by helping clients figure out which homes will cost more to live in and which ones are better buys because the sellers have made good investments in energy efficiency. Here in Pennsylvania, our electric rates...which have been held down in anticipation of a free marketplace...are set to rise next year by at least 10%. Realtors should be ahead of the … (0 comments)

green: What makes a Green City? - 01/29/10 06:47 AM
I have a client whose job takes him to various cities up and down the east coast. He is deciding where to buy his first house. Philadelphia appeals to him because of our green innovation and our mayor's committment to Green! I went to  Here is the list of the 10 things they say make a Green City:
Plentiful Parks Efficient Public Transportation Quality Public Space Bike Lanes High-profile Green Office Buildings Comprehensive recycling and composting programs Mixed-use and Infill Development Green Leadership Smart Energy Policies Good Green Fun  

green: New windows have a 50-year Payback in Energy Savings.... - 04/11/09 11:54 AM
Buyers love new windows. Everybody wants new windows--including me! Strictly from an energy efficiency standpoint, however, there are a lot more cost effective ways to spend your money. At Penn State, recently, I took an all-day course on The House As a System put on by a great group called Affordable Comfort. One of the instructors offered this analysis: If your heating bill is $1500 a year, heat that you lose from your old windows is costing $300 a season--a 20% loss from windows. If you spend $7500 for new windows, you'll save 10% a year--$150--with new low-E windows. At that … (0 comments)

green: Will No VOC Paint help me sell my Mt. Airy PA listing? - 03/31/09 06:14 AM
I have a new listing in Mt. Airy, a super neighborhood in northwest Philadelphia bordering the gorgeous Wissahickon Park. Mt. Airy has a successful food co-op (Weavers Way) and a lot of "crunchy" people. I use that term fondly--proud to be crunchy myself (EcoBroker, NAR Green designation)! Mt. Airy is mentioned in one of my favorite books Bill Bryson's hilarious A Walk In The Woods (about Bryson's adventures hiking the Appalachian Trail). Mt. Airy has even been featured on Oprah because it was one of the first neighborhoods where African Americans and others lived happily and voluntarily in diversity. The seller of the property is … (0 comments)

green: The Greenest Building is the One that is Already Built - 11/30/08 09:43 AM
I just got back from United States Green Building Council (USGBC) GreenBuild Expo 2008 in amazing experience! Next Nov. it will be in Phoenix, so mark your calendars. The 5-day conference is for architects and builders but they had a special, one day program for people interested in residential building and remodeling. That is where I picked up the Green edition (Jan 2008) of Preservation Magazine, the magazine of The National Trust of Historic Preservation (
The National Trust believes the environmental benefits of rehab and preservation should play a prominent role in the debate over global warming and … (0 comments)

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