home inspection: Older homes + Grounded outlets Upstairs..... - 02/23/16 12:06 AM
It comes up in so many home inspections--even when there is a "complete" renovation. The downstairs outlets are grounded but for some reason the upstairs outlets never seem to be. What should the buyers' realtor do? The sellers won't rip out the upstairs drywall (or plaster!) and redo the wiring. It is not reasonable to ask them to. The best you can hope for is running wiring across the outside of the wall and installing a big clunky recepticle to sit on top of the wall. That is fine if you need to plug in an air conditioner ...or a clothes … (0 comments)

home inspection: What You Don't Know about your home Could KILL You. - 01/26/15 02:53 AM
**In an 80 year old row house in the popular Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia, the inspector found that the neighbor's chimney had a hole in it. Carbon monoxide was venting into the sellers's attic. They had no idea.
**The house is a gorgeous renovation in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia. The sellers bought the home as a fixer 8 years ago. All the renovations they did were high quality. They got permits for everything. When they got the home, it came with a washer/dryer on the second floor. The sellers' clothes dryer worked fine. They just assumed that it vented … (0 comments)

home inspection: Don't pick the cheapest home inspector. - 12/01/14 11:10 PM
Beyond downpayment, closing costs, inspections, moving costs, insurance, buyers get overwhelmed by all the cash they need to come up with to get into their first house. No wonder they shop around for home inspectors. My go-to home inspectors weathered the recession just like we all did. As a result, I don't think they have increased their fees in years. So picking the guy who only charges $300 vs. the guy who charges $350, seems penny wise and pound foolish to me. I love the home inspectors who have been in the business for years. Our housing stock in Philadelphia is … (0 comments)

home inspection: Polar Vortex and Vacant House - 01/19/14 12:44 AM
Philadelphia has a great climate: Four seasons....Long spring and fall...Winter not too brutal. It is very rare that our winter temperatures drop below 20 degrees. Philly is famous for its row houses: rows of townhouses that share walls with the townhouses on either side. That makes them cheaper to heat. The owners of one townhouse moved out and set the therostadt to 55-degrees. That should have been fine. But alas, near zero temperatures hit. A pipe behind the wall somewhere burst. Next week, another artic blast is coming our way. What should we do to make the vacant house secure????

home inspection: The home inspector and the parents - 01/19/14 12:29 AM
I liked the home inspector right way. He was a retired, electrical engineer who loved old houses. He invited us to speak up if we noticed anything. The buyers--a young couple--were there. The wife's Dad and her uncle came too. The Dad found the leak in the garage. The young wife found they key clue--a barely visible patch on the dining room wall where wetness was just starting to make the paint bubble. The inspector was puzzled when the relatively new boiler failed to fire. Then Bingo! He realized there was probably a burst pipe behind the wall. You can never … (2 comments)

home inspection: Home inspector and the parents….. - 01/19/14 12:17 AM
I liked the home inspector right away. He was a retired electrical engineer who loved old houses. He invited us to speak up if we noticed anything. The home was a 90 year old, city rowhouse. Besides the inspector, there were the buyers--a young couple, the wife's father, and her uncle--a contractor.  The father found the leaking pipe in the garage. The young wife found the key clue: A barely visible spot on the dining room wall where wetness was just starting to make the paint bubble. The inspector was puzzled when the 6 year old boiler failed to fire. Then … (1 comments)

home inspection: Should you get a home inspector with new construction? - 09/10/10 04:23 AM
I mostly sell  homes that are 50 years old and older, so I'd love some input. My 60 year old clients are buying their retirement home near their daughter. Thanks to responsible living and good jobs, they have plenty of cash and nice pensions. The purchase represents a lifetime of savings and thoughtful money management. They tell me "We are from New York and we don't trust anyone." The builder has been building homes for 40 years. He is proud of what he builds and personally does a final walk through with clients to create a punch list. He also gives … (6 comments)

home inspection: Bad news on Radon........ - 08/27/10 06:31 AM
My buyers have been looking for a house for more than a year! They finally decided on new construction. We just got the radon results back and they were as high as I have ever seen! 60 picocures in the basement! Two days later, the seller put in a radon remediation system. I'm not a scientist. Of course, I told them you can retest. The builder gave me this advice: "In 40 years in the business, I have learned that the less you say, the better." He meant that I should just put out the facts and not try to talk … (2 comments)

home inspection: Sellers....If I bring you a deal, don't get huffy and blow it! - 08/14/10 10:17 AM
Smart sellers today realize that when you get an offer, you need to think long and hard before you refuse to make concessions. I'm not advising sellers to lay down and yell "uncle!" Just be realistic. Say you have a $350,000 deal on the table and a nervous young couple...egged on by their parents or an over zealous home inspector...asks for $9000 in repairs for the roof. Don't get up on your high horse--even if your roofer says the roof is good for 5 more years. That couple has their own expert and they believe that person--not you. I have seen several deals blow up lately … (7 comments)

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