marketing: The Best of Chestnut Hill, PA 19118 - 09/11/14 01:09 AM Take the video tour of 7724 Devon, Philadelphia, PA 19118. Let me know what you think of this charming, low maintenance, 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home.

marketing: Bad Staging......Great article! - 08/26/14 03:18 AM  Thanks San Francisco.  

marketing: Will selling "As Is" COST you $40,000? - 07/25/14 01:14 AM
 I really liked Nick Pappas' recent post on selling "As Is".
Reading it gave me a "lightening bolt" moment: What will NOT DOING REASONABLE FIXES and "spiffing up" wind up COSTING YOU in the end? A smart business woman that I know spent $15,000 to get her $800,000 dollar house on the market. She hated spending the $15K, but she did what she had to do. Her house sold within a month for 97% of asking price!
**The houses that start bidding wars are the move in ready, HGTV pretty ones. If your kitchen is 15 years old and your bathrooms still … (6 comments)

marketing: Light sells! Bring in the Light! - 04/09/14 04:51 AM
No one stages better than Starr Osbourne! Love this tip from House Beautiful's interview with Starr:
Bring in the light. "Light sells," says Osborne. Unless you have a really bad view, let your windows breathe, Osborne says. Get rid of the curtains and drapes, and open the sheers. In addition to natural light, make sure that every room has three sources of artificial light, not including overhead fixtures, says Osborne; you'll help cast out shadows and accentuate welcomed attributes. Get Starr's book Home Staging that Works on Amazon. I give it to all my sellers. How to Stage Your Home to Sell … (0 comments)

marketing: Pounding Sand! Take this Home Sale Contingency.... - 09/11/13 12:48 AM
A classic "granny" house in a popular school district: wall paper, old kitchen, only one bath! Asking $289. Only 3 days after it hit the market, my buyers offered asking price with a contingency to sell their rehabbed, nearby house on a busier street. Huffy listing agent immedidately rejected it. The house sold after a month for $269. That seller lost $20,000! I think their agent did a bad job for them. Thoughts?

marketing: Nobody wants to buy Granny's House.... - 05/30/13 11:48 PM
Unless it is a real steal, of course. No discrimination against Grannies.... Some Grannies have the coolest houses on the block. By Granny, I mean: dated, cluttered, old fashioned. I just showed a 52 year old woman houses in a hot neighborhood. One "Granny house" had been on the market for 2 years, with others around it selling quickly. It started out way overpriced when the market was still slow. It was very clean, not too much clutter. But the furniture was old and heavy. The drapes were dated. The china cabinet with figurines did the house no favor. My client … (2 comments)

marketing: Baby Boomers aren't moving! - 07/16/12 11:17 PM
Ten years ago all the talk was about how the baby boomers would sell when they retire. Surprise? They/we are not retiring and are staying in our homes. What that means for the market, I'm not sure. Here in the Northeast, 1st floor living....even a powder room on the main floor, are rare. When people remodel, I tell them about Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. Thoughts?

marketing: Let us in.....Please! - 06/16/12 01:37 AM
I know it is a pain to have your house on the market, but we can't sell your house unless we can show it!!!! Seems obvious, I know. Beautiful summer day. Maybe you are at the Farmer's Market? Or off to the beach? Lots of buyers call us at the last minute. It is a buyers' market. Buyers are king. Don't miss one single buyer. It is a major pain, I know. But especially on the weekends....especially in the evenings, accept last minute showings. Please answer your cell phone and say, "OK". Making your house very easy to show will get … (5 comments)

marketing: Replace that carpet...lower the price too... - 04/27/12 04:37 AM  Link to an article in today's Boston Globe. Frustrated seller has the same mustard-colored carpet upstairs that was there when she bought her home. She's put $25,000 in improvements and she's asking basically the same price as when she bought her house. She has a credit for new carpet in her mls write up. I get why she draws the line at new carpet. Really I understand. But when feedback from buyers stresses that the carpet is a turnoff, after 4 months and 7 open houses, it is time to hear that. Don't give buyers any reason to "pass." Put your … (0 comments)

marketing: Better picture or realistic picture? - 01/03/12 05:13 AM
Here is the debate that I am having with my seller: He has a beautiful, 200 year old stone Colonial farmhouse on 4 acres that has been on the market for more than a year. I'm the 3rd agent in. In olden days, many Colonial homes were built right next to the road. His is no exception. The view of his house from the curb is a tangle of brush and shrubs and a not-keeping-with-the-era carport. The client's solution is to post of picture of the rear of the house, which overlooks the scenic acreage. Naturally, that picture is much more attractive than … (4 comments)

marketing: Say "No" to candles and plug ins. - 01/03/12 05:11 AM
I hate candles and plug ins. I don't think they help homes sell.

marketing: New series: Getting your house ready for the market in NY Times... - 09/22/11 10:22 AM  If the house has red walls, should you paint before you go on the market? See what NY Times says! They also suggest some really nice paint colors.

marketing: It's official. America is "over" the telephone..... - 04/10/11 04:26 AM't%20answer%20the%20phone&st=cse Wow. This article is called "Don't call me, I won't call you." It was in the NY Times last week. I thought it was just me: I consider phone calls a burden. As a realtor, my phone is my lifeline and I love "money calls". I am also relieved when routine business is text or emailed. Recently, one of my clients in a pending transaction kept avoiding my calls. We are friends. The deal was fine. It is just the phone. It is intrusive. Now we have alternatives. How is that changing our business?

marketing: I put Christmas decorations on Vacant Listings.... - 12/15/10 02:48 AM
Christmas is my holiday but I don't ram it down people's throats. I can't help putting some spare and tasteful wreath or jingle bell swag or festive doormat on my vacant listings. It just makes the home seem like a good neighbor. I also want buyers to be in the holiday spirit and see the home as a gift they can give themselves! Thoughts?

marketing: What is the role of Floor Time these days? - 12/05/10 01:56 AM
My broker recently combined offices and cut way back on floor time. I used to love doing floor. Open houses don't seem to be giving me any leads. My internet leads seem to be flakey--people who want to steal things or look at lots of way cheap stuff. How obsolete is floor?

marketing: Creative way to take real estate photos. - 12/01/10 10:45 AM
Thanks again to Julia and Hooked on Houses Blog. This real estate agent had a bland, unfurnished house to post on the MLS. The solution: bring in two vases of flowers and place them inside the entry on the floor. Then move them from room to room as you photograph each room. The flowers keep you clicking through all the photos. The house features are not hidden, but the impression is memorable. Good thinking, agent who thought this up!


marketing: Thanks, Phoenix. I found another one.... - 12/01/10 10:33 AM's Julia mentioned this Ugly House Photos blog. Julia has flair and humor. She is a great editor....Ugly House Photos shows more of the "as is" photos that we see in real life. If we told these sellers that we could make them an extra $10,000 or $20,000 if they would prep their homes for sale, they probably would not believe us. This photo is a great example of how the way we choose to live in our houses is not the way we present them when they go on the market. What is the impression? Not enough storage. All that counter space is … (0 comments)

marketing: Bad MLS Photos from Julia at Hooked on Houses blog. - 12/01/10 08:12 AM
I bet a Rainer turned me onto Julia and her great blog I really like her feature: "Bad MLS photos." She'll thank you if you send her some that you find!


marketing: Give out Halloween Candy that is a little different... - 10/30/10 06:52 AM
I love my yearly Butternuts and Reese's, but I like to give the neighborhood kids a little variety. Last year I gave out little bags of gelt...the gold chocolate coins. We have a few old time candy stores in Philadelphia, PA and I bought them by the box. This year I got a bunch of little bags of little solid chocolate monsters. Just something a little different. As a kid, I remember the fun of pouring out my trick or treat loot on the bed with my best friend and looking through the haul. Remember old time little "wax" coke bottles … (0 comments)

marketing: HGTV is not is Decorating... - 10/07/10 07:44 AM
I love HGTV...and like so many other fans, I love the last five minutes when the designers "reveal" the redecorated space. It is really fun to see the transformation that ingenuity, paint and a free carpenter can bring. The designer input is the reason we tune in, but for a real life, real estate sale, you don't need a decorating degree or even much creativity. The backbone of staging is not moving furniture around or getting creative with window treatments: The two things that get the house sold are #1. Remove one third to one half of the possessions in the … (5 comments)

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