neighbors: Tree Hugger Dilemma - 07/18/14 04:19 AM
My clients are hardworking immigrants. They bought new construction in an established neighbohrood. Now they want to build a garage behind their house. They have the permits. Their contractor is ready to go. However, he warned them that a big old tree--80% on their property, 20% on the neighbor's property--will be destabilized when they start construction. It has to come down. The neighbor keeps ignoring their attempts to talk. She is a tree hugger. Local government will not get involved. They say it is a dispute between neighbors. My clients have offered to plant new trees and to put up privacy … (0 comments)

neighbors: Bad Neighbors can cost sellers 10% or more! - 08/13/13 10:43 PM
Thanks to Wayne and Jean Marie Zuhl for your recent tips on sellers's neighbors! Great post. I go even farther: Paint the neighbor's porch if you have to. Offer to have their bushes trimmed. My client had an under-employed neighbor whose front door faced hers across a nice walkway. The neighbor's stucco had cracks and mildew. Every buyer who approached my client's front door walked past the sad-looking neighbor's front. Listing price: $350,000. With that much money at stake, my client had to convince the neighbor to let her pay to spruce up the neighbor's front. The neighbor had pride and … (2 comments)

neighbors: Watch out! Here come the NEIGHBORS...... - 04/06/11 11:35 PM
My deal just blew up. The out for the buyers was a little glitch with the financing that is easy to correct. They used it to bail the day before settlement after they had a long talk with the neighbors. As far as I know, the neighbors didn't put down the house or say anything bad about the sellers. They just made the shy, immigrant wife feel intimidated. The next- door neighbor came on very strong...advising the buyers about her plans for the adjoining yards and the block. When she stepped away, another neighbor sat down and ranted about his past … (2 comments)

neighbors: CSA coming to Erdenheim, PA - 03/08/10 05:16 AM
Hey is a tiny nook outside Chestnut Hill, PA. One of our neighbors has offered his house as a drop off point for Red Earth Farm...You buy a share or half a share in the farm produce in the spring and you get a box of produce every week through the summer and fall. Red Earth also has eggs and yogurt...and you have the option of going online to choose which food you like. I love love love kale...but a lot of people don't, so with this option, you won't get anything that you don't want.

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