new construction: upgrades, energy efficiency, home sales, new construction - 05/15/11 05:16 AM
Penny Hull of Raleigh, NC recently wrote a post about how buyers these days are willing to go without some of the upgrades they had wanted in the past--like more sq footage and landscaping. However, one thing, she finds, is more important than ever: Upgrades that save you money every month on energy costs. That is great to see! One thing that kills me: HVAC manufacturers who still sell "cheaper" systems that are only 86% energy efficient, when for $500+ more, you can get 93% to 96% efficiency. Smart consumers realize that the higher efficiency system pays you back that premium quickly and then saves you … (0 comments)

new construction: How the building inspection on new construction went.... - 09/23/10 10:32 AM
The builder is a hands on guy who has been building individual houses--not developments--for 40 years. He prides himself that he usually one has one or two quick fixes to do in the extensive personal walk-through that he does with every buyer. My clients are New Yorkers who tell me that New Yorkers don't trust anyone and that I should not take it personally. They found their own building inspector (and their own title company and their own attorney.) OK. Their building inspector was kind of a prima donna. Luckily, he knew his building science. It turned out really well for … (0 comments)

new construction: Should you get a home inspector with new construction? - 09/10/10 04:23 AM
I mostly sell  homes that are 50 years old and older, so I'd love some input. My 60 year old clients are buying their retirement home near their daughter. Thanks to responsible living and good jobs, they have plenty of cash and nice pensions. The purchase represents a lifetime of savings and thoughtful money management. They tell me "We are from New York and we don't trust anyone." The builder has been building homes for 40 years. He is proud of what he builds and personally does a final walk through with clients to create a punch list. He also gives … (6 comments)

new construction: Dilbert creator's misadventures in Green Building - 09/01/10 10:28 AM
I got a great laugh when I followed a link on Twitter to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal by cartoonist Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. Adams and his wife had quite the adventure. Here is one of his observations: "As a rule, the greener the home, the uglier it will be. I went into the process thinking green homes were ugly because hippies have bad taste. That turns out to be nothing but coincidence." Enjoy!

new construction: Builders "get" Green....Why don't we? - 05/28/10 11:22 AM
I met a builder at the National Association of Home Builders conference last week in Raleigh. He had just finished teaching a NAR Green class in Connecticut. At the beginning of the class, he asked people to raise their hand if they were not really interested in green, but just taking the class to get the required credits to renew their licenses. All but 3 realtors in the room raised their hands. Green is the color of money. Green houses in Oregon sell for 15% to 30% more. They sell faster. And Green is the Right thing to do. So, catch … (3 comments)

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