presentation: 35 Things You Can Throw Out Now! - 12/10/14 10:58 PM
This list is courtesy of Elizabeth Larkin, an organizing expert. I like this because it is funny--Why are we all holding onto old soy sauce packets???? Getting started is half the battle of de-cluttering.

presentation: how to help your bathroom sell your house - 11/15/14 10:31 PM
These tips are from Their bathrooms are just gorgeous--but the tips work for "the rest of us" with more run of the mill bathrooms too. Two jump out at me:
1. Buy a set of new, fluffy towels for show. Once towels are washed, they never look as crisp.
2. Buyers do not want to see your personal care products--even in the shower! I never thought of that but Houzz is absolutely right. People are looking for "new"--even when they are buying a resale house. Someone else's shampoo and toothpaste break that illusion. THANK YOU, HOUZZ!

presentation: Bad Staging......Great article! - 08/26/14 03:18 AM  Thanks San Francisco.  

presentation: House Beautiful Staging Tips with Starr Osbourne - 03/17/14 05:34 AM
Love this tip. Light is psychological too. A light, bright room is so much more appealing. Even realtors who see homes all the time get a lift from a well lit, cheery room. I'm a green realtor. I hate wasting energy. But when you sell, leave all the lights on! 
Bring in the light. "Light sells," says Osborne. Unless you have a really bad view, let your windows breathe, Osborne says. Get rid of the curtainsand drapes, and open the sheers. In addition to natural light, make sure that every room has three sources of artificial light, not including overhead fixtures, says Osborne; … (0 comments)

presentation: Nobody wants to buy Granny's House.... - 05/30/13 11:48 PM
Unless it is a real steal, of course. No discrimination against Grannies.... Some Grannies have the coolest houses on the block. By Granny, I mean: dated, cluttered, old fashioned. I just showed a 52 year old woman houses in a hot neighborhood. One "Granny house" had been on the market for 2 years, with others around it selling quickly. It started out way overpriced when the market was still slow. It was very clean, not too much clutter. But the furniture was old and heavy. The drapes were dated. The china cabinet with figurines did the house no favor. My client … (2 comments)

presentation: Thanks, Phoenix. I found another one.... - 12/01/10 10:33 AM's Julia mentioned this Ugly House Photos blog. Julia has flair and humor. She is a great editor....Ugly House Photos shows more of the "as is" photos that we see in real life. If we told these sellers that we could make them an extra $10,000 or $20,000 if they would prep their homes for sale, they probably would not believe us. This photo is a great example of how the way we choose to live in our houses is not the way we present them when they go on the market. What is the impression? Not enough storage. All that counter space is … (0 comments)

presentation: Cheap magic for sellers....... - 09/18/10 08:17 AM
No, I don't own stock in Procter and Gamble. I just love their product: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Maybe it is because I am not a very good housekeeper that I had never heard of it. I read about it in stager Starr Osborne's go-to book Home Staging that Works ($11.95 at Amazon). I give that to all my sellers too. Magic is no over-statement for the "Magic" Eraser. It takes scuff marks and finger marks off walls...cleans up switch plates and bathroom tile grout. It makes Stainless shine. I have a white plastic Jasper Morrison-designed coffee maker by Rowenta that … (4 comments)

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