resale: Taste Specific: How could they pick that kitchen for that house???? - 05/05/14 12:48 AM
I love the House Hunters phrase "taste specific" instead of ugly kitchen. It would be a dull world if everyone's house looked like House Beautiful. However, real estate is an investment and redoing your kitchen in the trend of the moment is risky if you don't plan to be there for 25+ years. My friend's father was a very successful corporate executive. He moved every 5 to 7 years. He was a serious cook. He redid every kitchen when they moved in to make it white and timeless. By necessity, he had an eye on resale. I just showed a 100 … (0 comments)

resale: Repeat after me: A contractor is NOT a kitchen designer - 01/09/13 04:13 AM
They think they are though--even though lots of contractors are men who don't cook!!! Smart kitchen design makes a kitchen work right: Think "storage"...think "easy to clean"...think "pleasant to be in." Tile floors can be inexpensive, but standing for a long time on a hard surface can be tough on your legs.

resale: add insulation to boost resale..... - 01/21/12 03:40 AM
f you don't believe me, read the article in the Washington Post.

resale: Swimming pool = big dark hole in winter and a soup of chemicals? Try natural pools.... - 09/05/10 10:30 AM
Who knew? In Europe, there are more than 20,000 natural swimming pools....they are pools with pristine water and no chemicals. You might have to share the pool with the occasional turtle or bullfrog, but no algae and no slimey bottom. They look lovely all year round. You can even skate on them! They work with a series of natural plantings and pumps. A wall separates the water lillies and other plants from the swimming area. Take a look:  British company Woodhouse Natural Pools is . An Austrian company--Biotop--helped Chester County, PA residents and landscape architect Jonathon Alderson and Pondworks, a local pool … (0 comments)

resale: Air Conditioner or Insulation? - 08/11/10 04:10 AM
My friend just bought her house 2 years ago but she always has her eye on resale. She had an energy audit and learned she has a leaky house--not a surprise as the house is 75 years old. The blow in insulation pro gave her a quote of $ the range of what she would pay for central air. So what should she do first? I know what I'd advise. What would you say?

resale: Carrara Marble for the kitchen...... - 03/11/10 01:45 AM
For years people have been predicting the demise of granite countertops. I have granite in my kitchen and I love the ease of it and the the look of it, but I love design and wonder what else works? The design blog just had gorgeous pictures and a fascinating discussion of a much cheaper...but very elegant alternative: Carrara Marble. One to-die-for kitchen was from the creative director for Martha Stewart Living Magazine. The kitchen was exquisite and the instructions were to have the marble professionally sealed twice a yearand also to use a lot of trivets and mats and extra … (1 comments)

resale: Remodeling Magazine Survey on Return on Remodeling Projects. - 02/12/10 07:19 AM
I just got this link to Remodeling Magazine from EcoBroker  Click for the latest figures by region of the country on what returns sellers can expect for home remodeling projects in your area. In the Mid-Atlantic where I am, the returns for major and minor kitchen and bath remodels went down by about 6% each! Previously, a $60,000 kitchen remodel would get a seller back 72.1%. Last year that went down to a 66.5% return. A minor kitchen remodel ($22,000) had brought a 78.3% return at resale. Last year that return went down to 72.2%.
A minor ($17000) bath remodel is not as good … (0 comments)

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