selling: Running late? Call me! - 10/07/14 04:10 AM
My seller is meticulous and fastidious. She has things "just so" for each showing. I just got a call that the buyers for today's showing got stuck in traffic coming from another city. Their agent just sent me a text to say that they'd be an hour and a half late. NO PROBLEM. But THANKS SO VERY MUCH for letting us know. My seller is an emergency room doctor whose job is demanding and stressful. She really appreciated the notification. Me too! 
**We do our best to set up showings and follow our timetables. But sometimes, life happens. A client lingers … (4 comments)

selling: It Makes More $$ Sense to buy the More Expensive House Now.... - 02/01/14 11:03 PM
I want the BEST for my clients. My goal is to find them the home that works best for their budgets and their lives. I want them to get a Great Deal and I want them to love their home.
**With interest rates at 4.3%, it really makes a lot of sense to go for the pricier, move in ready, bigger house. My friend Charna taught me this. Buy a fixer and you pay for the remodel in full. Buy move-in-ready for $50,000 to $100,000 more, and the mortgage interest tax deduction (for people who itemize) offsets your purchase price for … (0 comments)

selling: Bad Neighbors can cost sellers 10% or more! - 08/13/13 10:43 PM
Thanks to Wayne and Jean Marie Zuhl for your recent tips on sellers's neighbors! Great post. I go even farther: Paint the neighbor's porch if you have to. Offer to have their bushes trimmed. My client had an under-employed neighbor whose front door faced hers across a nice walkway. The neighbor's stucco had cracks and mildew. Every buyer who approached my client's front door walked past the sad-looking neighbor's front. Listing price: $350,000. With that much money at stake, my client had to convince the neighbor to let her pay to spruce up the neighbor's front. The neighbor had pride and … (2 comments)

selling: For the highest price: Look Great right out of the Gate.... - 07/28/13 07:31 AM
Don't cheap out. I just showed an exceptional house that has been on the market for 100 days. After 60 days on the market and feedback that said that the blue carpet in the entry was a turnoff, the motivated sellers replaced the carpet with a new wood floor. It is a million dollar listing, so that is appropriate. Floors sell houses. After 75 days on the market, the sellers decided to paint the home's trim. Another good move--but it would have paid off big time if these two improvements had been made at the get-go. A woman doesn't put her … (0 comments)

selling: Nobody wants to buy Granny's House.... - 05/30/13 11:48 PM
Unless it is a real steal, of course. No discrimination against Grannies.... Some Grannies have the coolest houses on the block. By Granny, I mean: dated, cluttered, old fashioned. I just showed a 52 year old woman houses in a hot neighborhood. One "Granny house" had been on the market for 2 years, with others around it selling quickly. It started out way overpriced when the market was still slow. It was very clean, not too much clutter. But the furniture was old and heavy. The drapes were dated. The china cabinet with figurines did the house no favor. My client … (2 comments)

selling: Contractors cheap out and have bad taste... - 10/20/12 12:07 AM
Darryl Davis says "Buyers want the shiney penny." Why don't contractors get that? Contractors offer Big Box store run of the mill. Buyers want something special: cool bathrooms, closet systems, cool kitchens. Believe me, they notice when you cheap out. Flippers are 45 year old guys. They keep renovating to please themselves when the "which-house-to-buy" decision gets made by 25-to-40 year old women. Get this please, contractors: Realtors can sell the shiney penny faster and for more money. Here is the maddening thing: The shiney penny does not have to cost more. But you need good taste!!! MAKE FRIENDS WITH ARCHITECTS. … (4 comments)

selling: Baby Boomers aren't moving! - 07/16/12 11:17 PM
Ten years ago all the talk was about how the baby boomers would sell when they retire. Surprise? They/we are not retiring and are staying in our homes. What that means for the market, I'm not sure. Here in the Northeast, 1st floor living....even a powder room on the main floor, are rare. When people remodel, I tell them about Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. Thoughts?

selling: Access = $10,000 or even more! - 07/16/12 03:21 AM
Tale of two houses on the market: House #1 was a clean, dated "granny house." It needed new kitchen, bath and updating, but it was a nice property at a realistic price. Easy to show on lockbox. No notice. It sold and settled in 3 weeks. One block away, House #2 had comparable sq footage with updated kitchen, bath, new windows and new heater. It was painted in contemporary colors. The block was a little cuter than House #1's. The architecture was more charming and distinctive: a Cottswold inspiration. Asking price for House #2 was $9000 more than House #1. Clearly house #2  is a better value … (1 comments)

selling: Did a bank reject your electronic signatures? - 06/27/12 12:22 AM
I LOVE electronic signatures. Alas, the listing agent just told me that Chase Bank would not take them. I'm not sure if I believe him. Has anybody run into this?

selling: Your dog can cost you $10,000 or $20,000 dollars! - 06/16/12 01:50 AM
"No showings during the week because of the dog." Are you nuts? I had some great cash buyers from out of town who gave me one day's notice to set up some showings. The house that met their needs exactly could not be shown because the owners were at work and their dog was home alone. Those sellers have no idea that they missed the perfect potential buyers! I showed the buyers 7 other houses and offered to preview the house w/ the dog and send photos, but their lives are complicated and they could not come back.  Pay a neighbor, a friend, … (1 comments)

selling: Let us in.....Please! - 06/16/12 01:37 AM
I know it is a pain to have your house on the market, but we can't sell your house unless we can show it!!!! Seems obvious, I know. Beautiful summer day. Maybe you are at the Farmer's Market? Or off to the beach? Lots of buyers call us at the last minute. It is a buyers' market. Buyers are king. Don't miss one single buyer. It is a major pain, I know. But especially on the weekends....especially in the evenings, accept last minute showings. Please answer your cell phone and say, "OK". Making your house very easy to show will get … (5 comments)

selling: Replace that carpet...lower the price too... - 04/27/12 04:37 AM  Link to an article in today's Boston Globe. Frustrated seller has the same mustard-colored carpet upstairs that was there when she bought her home. She's put $25,000 in improvements and she's asking basically the same price as when she bought her house. She has a credit for new carpet in her mls write up. I get why she draws the line at new carpet. Really I understand. But when feedback from buyers stresses that the carpet is a turnoff, after 4 months and 7 open houses, it is time to hear that. Don't give buyers any reason to "pass." Put your … (0 comments)

selling: add insulation to boost resale..... - 01/21/12 03:40 AM
f you don't believe me, read the article in the Washington Post.

selling: Say "No" to candles and plug ins. - 01/03/12 05:11 AM
I hate candles and plug ins. I don't think they help homes sell.

selling: It's official. America is "over" the telephone..... - 04/10/11 04:26 AM't%20answer%20the%20phone&st=cse Wow. This article is called "Don't call me, I won't call you." It was in the NY Times last week. I thought it was just me: I consider phone calls a burden. As a realtor, my phone is my lifeline and I love "money calls". I am also relieved when routine business is text or emailed. Recently, one of my clients in a pending transaction kept avoiding my calls. We are friends. The deal was fine. It is just the phone. It is intrusive. Now we have alternatives. How is that changing our business?

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