showings: Running late? Call me! - 10/07/14 04:10 AM
My seller is meticulous and fastidious. She has things "just so" for each showing. I just got a call that the buyers for today's showing got stuck in traffic coming from another city. Their agent just sent me a text to say that they'd be an hour and a half late. NO PROBLEM. But THANKS SO VERY MUCH for letting us know. My seller is an emergency room doctor whose job is demanding and stressful. She really appreciated the notification. Me too! 
**We do our best to set up showings and follow our timetables. But sometimes, life happens. A client lingers … (4 comments)

showings: Too Busy for a 2nd Showing? Are you nuts? - 08/12/14 02:49 AM
My buyers were really excited about a house I showed them. The young wife wanted to bring her father to see it the next day. The sellers declined the appointment. That proved fatal! I know that couple was going to buy that house. After 14 years, I just know. But life intervenes. The couple had a camping trip planned. It is mid-August. The wife is a teacher. School is about to start back up. More important, the husband is off to National Guard training for four months--starting end of September. A week delay meant they would have really have to rush. … (5 comments)

showings: Just Jiggle It???? - 05/02/14 04:51 AM
Showing homes to buyers is tough enough when the keys work. But when the listing agent leaves a copy of a copy of a copy? And the key is really tough....Gad. Buyers really hate standing around while agents fiddle with keys. After 15 years, I practically have the touch of a safe cracker, but some keys are just so poor. On two different showings last week, I could not work they key in the front door but luckily, I successfully used the keys on the back doors. At another house, we just had to skip the showing because the key would … (1 comments)

showings: I wish my buyers would Drive By houses First. - 04/30/13 11:21 PM
Blame the Internet and our busy lives. Buyers don't like to drive by the houses before we make appointments. But it sure would save us some time. Colorado realtor Mary Douglas recently described the result: We arrive for an appointment and the buyers know just by looking that they don't want to see the inside. Douglas asked: Should we the realtors drive by first? It definitely helps. However, ultimately, how can we know how the buyers will react to a house? Sure, we can tell that the street might have a lot of traffic, or that the block looks a little … (0 comments)

showings: Access = $10,000 or even more! - 07/16/12 03:21 AM
Tale of two houses on the market: House #1 was a clean, dated "granny house." It needed new kitchen, bath and updating, but it was a nice property at a realistic price. Easy to show on lockbox. No notice. It sold and settled in 3 weeks. One block away, House #2 had comparable sq footage with updated kitchen, bath, new windows and new heater. It was painted in contemporary colors. The block was a little cuter than House #1's. The architecture was more charming and distinctive: a Cottswold inspiration. Asking price for House #2 was $9000 more than House #1. Clearly house #2  is a better value … (1 comments)

showings: Your dog can cost you $10,000 or $20,000 dollars! - 06/16/12 01:50 AM
"No showings during the week because of the dog." Are you nuts? I had some great cash buyers from out of town who gave me one day's notice to set up some showings. The house that met their needs exactly could not be shown because the owners were at work and their dog was home alone. Those sellers have no idea that they missed the perfect potential buyers! I showed the buyers 7 other houses and offered to preview the house w/ the dog and send photos, but their lives are complicated and they could not come back.  Pay a neighbor, a friend, … (1 comments)

showings: Replace that carpet...lower the price too... - 04/27/12 04:37 AM  Link to an article in today's Boston Globe. Frustrated seller has the same mustard-colored carpet upstairs that was there when she bought her home. She's put $25,000 in improvements and she's asking basically the same price as when she bought her house. She has a credit for new carpet in her mls write up. I get why she draws the line at new carpet. Really I understand. But when feedback from buyers stresses that the carpet is a turnoff, after 4 months and 7 open houses, it is time to hear that. Don't give buyers any reason to "pass." Put your … (0 comments)

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