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Sometimes you provide advice to friends and relatives and never know if they wanted it or not.  Last night I was out playing cards with friends, one of whom is going to sell her home in a few months.  About three weeks ago we talked about her hiring an agent and I stressed the importance of inter...
Continuing on the theme of things that people have written or said, here is another autograph.  Now, you might wonder why an adult would write something like this is a nine year old's autograph book.  I bet he never considered that what you say or write will live longer than you and that children...
Does anyone remember autograph books?  Well, I had one when I was in grade school and one of the parents of my friends wrote in my booK..... Your pathway lies before you Like a sheet of driven snow. Be careful how you tread it For every step will show. Roll forward a few decades and let me see.  ...
  Last night we went out for Valentine's Day (okay, a few hours before the stroke of midnight but so close to the 14th as not to count).  One of my favourite restaurants a few years ago was Allium on Holland Avenue.  For some reason, time passed and we had not been back.  In looking for a place ...
I volunteer at the Ottawa Heart Institute.  Last week a man came into the shop to get a magazine.  He said that he would be there a long time as his 46 year old wife had been rushed in by ambulance.  For a few days, she had been experiencing the symptoms that are displayed in the video.  When she...
Now that I am in the mood to shop for a house, I am learning all kinds of things from a Buyer's viewpoint.  While being an agent, I told all of my clients of the importance of lots of good photos.  I would now add the importance of good panoramic video.  Once this is taken care of, then a house n...
  Whenever it gets cold and I get tired of walking on icy streets, I start to look at real estate in British Columbia.  Even when there is snow, it doesn't stay in the Vancouver area or on the south end of Vancouver Island (at least that is my dream).  So, I have been back looking on the Interne...
I heard on television that approximately 1,000,000,000 chicken wings will be consumed today.  Now, assuming that you get 2 pieces per wing and two wings per bird then there are 250,000,000 chicken that have contributed to game day.  I like wings so will have a couple but there will also be meatba...

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