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Some things look so easy when you watch some one else doing it.  I was recently reminded of this.  I decided I would try my hand at making iced cookies.  Now, people who know me know that about 15 years ago I downed the rolling pin in favour of finding good bakeries.  Still, a hobby that doesn't ...
  Okay, what were these Sellers thinking?  Sure, they had a long hallway runner just sitting there in the basement begging for a use in their new home.  Sure the babies were finding it difficult to navigate the wood stairway but.....  taking the runner, flowing it through some metal rods and the...
  Okay, just a little joke on Michelangelo's painting 'The Creation of Adam' in the Sistine Chapel.  I was doing an Open House a few years ago and could not help but notice that the owner had hung the artwork too high.  Now, admittedly Adam was a print taken from the original that is painted on ...
When you are selling your home, you want to let the light in and show off your bright and open home.  However, if you are living in the home and on a day to day basis people can see right into your home. you may lack privacy.  People who live in townhomes, condos, or in high density urban areas a...
We are experiencing an amazing spring.  The weather has been hot!  March in Canada and sun screen is a requirement to avoid a sunburn.  Three days ago I was walking by the neighbour's home and saw my first clump of crocuses.  Now this a bit of craziness as these flowers are normally just bloomin...
Moving ranks right up there in stress producing activities.  Making a decision to move is almost worst than the actual activity.  Should you go or should you stay? Some decisions are taken out of our hands.  The lease ends and the landlord wants the place back for his family.  Voila - you are out...
As with being a new real estate agent, some things are only learned by doing.  Sure, you can read about selling homes but you need to be out there with buyers and sellers trying to work a deal.  Nothing beats real life experience. Now, I know that the same holds true for going to a NASCAR race.  ...

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