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When going from the McMansion to the smaller home, the amount of space available in the linen closet (if you are lucky enough to have one) is going to be reduced from your current copious closet.  Here are some things to think about as you get ready to move:   What should be in the linen closet? ...
You have made the big decision to sort through the photos, toss the really bad ones, look for new homes for some and generally organize the ones you want to keep.  The electronic photos can be sorted in all kinds of ways  and there is software, such as Adobe, that will help you tag and also ident...
Who doesn't have boxes and boxes of photos stuffed into a storage area in the basement?  If that is you take some time this summer to downsize your collection of photos and set parameters around accumulating new photos.  Here are a few guidelines to help you think about your photos.      Photo Ru...
Most of us have been taught to revere books.  It could be because the books we were loaned in school were not ours and therefore we were taught to keep them whole and clean.  It could be that we were given books as kids and told to keep them in shape.  In any case, we have attributed magical powe...
When moving or staying, each of us needs a place for some documents that is secure and to which we can access  under the worst possible conditions.  This is likely a safety deposit box.  Now, for those of us to whom every piece of paper coming in the house is essential and important, a few guidel...
You know the saying - When everything is important, nothing is.  Really, we have tons of paper entering our homes every year.  The key is to determine what to do with it.  Here are four Fundamental Zinger Rules for paper:  Rule 1 Just because you get information coming into your home does not mea...
Somewhere along the line we developed the opinion that, to succeed, you have to do it on your own; that you have to be a self-made woman or man.  Well, so few of us can say that we achieved things in our life through just our own personal efforts.  We need to and we should - ASK FOR HELP! Today I...
Yesterday I took my car into a shop to be detailed.  I know.  I could have done the vacuuming and window cleaning on my own.  I could have rubbed and scrubbed the car into a thing of beauty but here is the thing - I don't do floors.  LOL  The mats were salt stained (not a little, a lot).  They a...
I am a fan of fans.  There are so many out there - ceiling, floor, tabletop, paper, etc. etc.     It is never a question of whether or not you can find a fan but one of what type do you want.  No matter how low we set the air conditioning, it has trouble completely cooling the second floor.  The ...
Most Canadians know that it is tempting fate to plant those delicate flowers and seedlings before the May Long Weekend.  Well, this is that weekend.  Happy Belated Birthday to Queen Victoria.  Because of her, we have a long weekend in May.  The weather in Ottawa could not be better.  Time to fire...

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