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Bill and Liz have another wonderful post.  This one is a reminder that the AR members are in business and taking a swipe at them publicly isn't polite ....  or necessary.  Everyone looks like a loser, including the person who makes a derogatory comment.  Before You Post That Contrary Comment We'l...
Yesterday I wrote about 5 things that you can toss from the cottage.  Today, I want to show that I, as an Organizer, want you to keep things at the cottage.   At the end of the day, it is your cottage and your enjoyment of it.  If you like clutter, keep it.  If you like crisp white and sleek, go...
The cottage or seaside camp is the place where house castoffs go to die.  Here are five things to consider taking to the dump. Hairless Barbie.  No matter how old your grown children are, keeping that Barbie that your daughter shaved is not a good thing.  Old ratty and abused toys will not appeal...
Say you are visiting Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver and you want to look Canadian.  Say you have perfected saying "eh?" at the end of most sentences - thus turning a statement into a question.  Okay, maybe an example will help.  "I see you like those Smarties, eh?"  Pronounce the "eh" like a hard...
My friend fills four hummingbird feeders every time she is at her cottage.  She has been away and the feeders were dry.   I decided to try to fill the feeders because there are a few hummingbirds that kept going to the empty feeders looking for their food.   I found her box of food and mixed up a...
  I have always wanted hollyhocks growing in the yard.  You know, those tall stems with multiple flowers that bloom for a couple of months every summer.  They come in lovely pinks, peaches, reds and maroons.   Maybe I read too many English Murder Mysteries with hollyhocks surrounding the sorry v...
Yesterday I read Gita's post questioning how buyers find out about Open Houses.  Seem those directional signs are the best bet along with some MLS advertising.  I found that a new listing in a great neighbourhood brings them in droves.  How do buyers find out about open houses in your area ? I ho...
On Friday I read Laura's Wordless Wednesday (not heavy reading) with her photo of rain in her area.  We are going without rain, lots of talk about draught and lots of brown lawns and dead plants.  I am happy for her and still waiting for rain in Ottawa.   Wordless Wednesday,.... Finally Some Reli...
On Thursday I read Paul's post on the alarm system in houses and why we hate to set them when we leave.  It was a good reminder.  We pay the monthly monitoring fee for no reason if the alarm is never on.  Time to remember the code!!!I love statistics and I often poll my clients to see how they fe...
Last Wednesday I read Richard and Beth's post about gratitude.  For several reasons, this is the summer that I am feeling especially blessed and grateful.  I am sure you will find something in the last to trigger an attitude of gratitude.   Today, be grateful. Be grateful for your favorite music,...

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