Today it was announced that Zillow is going to buy Trulia for $3.5 Billion....Yes, with a "B".  When you are done daydreaming about what you would buy with over 3 billion dollars, lets discuss what this means for the common everyday real estate agent (fyi -- I was thinking a yacht, helicopter, sp...
For sale signs seem to be a new fad in yard art.  Over the past months, many more signs have been popping up in yards around my Dallas neighborhood.  I have noticed more "For Sale by Owner" signs than in years past and so it made me wonder if these people were cheating the system or if they were ...
My Friend Drew Meyers from GeekEstateBlog brought a very good point about performance based rating services. We are flooded with websites which have rating services but in some cases those ratings are not completely reliable. In most of these websites all agents have got 5 stars. Now the question...
Texas is land of opportunities, quality of life, jobs and great weather.  Got a new Job in Texas? Excited about moving to Texas? But wait! Lets go over some of the Checklist items that need to be done before the move 1. Have you Changed your Address? Go to USPS Online and change the mailing addre...

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