san jose japantown condos for sale: Growth vs. Value Investing: Know the Differences - 01/16/22 04:39 PM
Growth vs. Value Investing: Know the Differences Your investing style and tolerance for risk can help determine what type of stock mutual funds you invest in. The two main types of funds — growth and value — have different characteristics that can match your investing style.
Owning a mix of both funds is probably a smart move, but it can still be worthwhile to understand how each fund works. Here are some short explanations of growth vs. value funds:
Growth businesses are likely to reinvest profits, instead of paying out dividends to shareholders, as a way to grow. Growth stocks … (0 comments)

san jose japantown condos for sale: 5 Ways to Add Chic Vibes to Your Bathroom - 01/16/22 04:35 PM
5 Ways to Add Chic Vibes to Your Bathroom Looking to add some of your own personal chicness to your bathroom? Below are a few ways you can add a little oomph to your powder room.
Climbing plants. Climbing vines indoors can add a jungly, naturalistic element to your space. Some of the coolest vines for interiors are ivy, heartleaf philodendron, jasmine and betel leaf plant.
Art. Don’t be afraid to add some unique art to your bathroom! A cool painting or sculpture can make a great focus piece.
Lighting options. From an interesting lighting fixture to a colored bulb or recessed lighting beneath, … (0 comments)

san jose japantown condos for sale: Contribute to a 529 College Savings Plan With Gift Cards - 01/09/22 01:13 PM
Contribute to a 529 College Savings Plan With Gift Cards Parents contributing to a 529 college savings plan may find it difficult, if not a little time-consuming, to transfer cash and checks that their children receive on their birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations into the popular college savings fund.
Instead of not knowing if their cash gift is going to pay for college or for a night out on the town, grandparents and others can buy gift cards and have the money deposited in the student’s college savings plan.
The 529 gift cards are used at, a registry for online … (3 comments)

san jose japantown condos for sale: Steps to Take After Identity Theft - 01/08/22 02:58 PM
Steps to Take After Identity Theft Reacting quickly is essential after you’ve been the victim of identity theft. It can lessen the damage by thieves and lower the stress of having your credit card lost or stolen.
You may notice when you get home that your credit card is missing. Or you may get an email from your credit card company that there is some suspicious activity on your account.
Whatever alerts you to identity theft, here are some steps to take immediately after realizing it:
Get on the phone
Depending on the circumstances, you may want to first call the … (1 comments)

san jose japantown condos for sale: How to Check If a Debt Collector Is Legitimate - 01/07/22 11:05 AM
How to Check If a Debt Collector Is Legitimate Figures from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) show that about 70 million people—more than a quarter of adults in the United States—either have a debt in collection or have been contacted about one.
Some of those people are wrongly contacted by debt collectors. Reasons include contacting the wrong person for the wrong amount, or for debt that can’t legally be enforced, according to the CFPB.
Some calls are from debt collectors who aren’t legitimate and don’t represent an original creditor or don’t own the debt. In other words, they’re outright scams.

san jose japantown condos for sale: Financial Priorities for Newlyweds - 01/07/22 10:55 AM
Financial Priorities for Newlyweds Deciding where to live, if you’re going to have children, and who takes out the garbage are some of the big and small decisions newlyweds have to make together after the wedding gifts are put away and they’re ready to start their lives together.
There are also financial decisions to make as a married couple, though they may not be as easy to discuss as who’s making dinner on Sunday nights.
Here are some financial priorities newlyweds should set — together:
Set a budget: A good way to start is by living within your means and setting a … (1 comments)

san jose japantown condos for sale: How to Choose the Best Houseplants - 01/05/22 11:09 AM
How to Choose the Best Houseplants Just like picking paint and furniture, it’s important to spend time choosing the best plants for your interior space. Not only should you be considering the care your new plant friends will need, but also how they will impact your space as they grow to their full forms. Below are several tips for picking the best houseplants.
Understand sun exposure. The quickest way to shrivel a houseplant is by giving it the improper amount of sunshine. Take the time to get to know the sunniest and shadies areas of your interior, and pick plants that … (1 comments)

san jose japantown condos for sale: What Is a Negotiated Debt Settlement? - 01/05/22 11:04 AM
What Is a Negotiated Debt Settlement? If you’re buried by credit card debt, a negotiated debt settlement with your creditor may be worth checking into. Negotiated debt settlement is a general term for discharging debt in a way that appeals to the credit card holder and the card’s issuer.
It’s best to negotiate from a position of strength by not having submitted late payments or having missed them, which can cause a credit score to fall. If that happens, cardholders will likely have a harder time getting concessions in a negotiated debt settlement. Instead, they should start talking to their creditor … (1 comments)

san jose japantown condos for sale: Top 3 Myths About Today’s Real Estate Market - 12/30/21 10:35 PM
There are many conflicting headlines when it comes to describing today’s real estate market. Some are making comparisons to the market we experienced 10 years ago and are starting to believe that we may be doomed to repeat ourselves. Others are just plain wrong when it comes to what it takes to qualify for a mortgage.
Today, we want to try and clear the air by shedding some light on what’s causing some of these headlines, as well as what’s truly going on.
Myth #1: We Are Headed for Another Housing BubbleHome prices have appreciated year-over-year for the last 76 straight months. Many areas … (1 comments)

san jose japantown condos for sale: Tips for Single Homebuyers: How To Make Your Dream a Reality - 12/30/21 10:14 PM
If you’re living on your own and looking to buy a home, know that you can make your dream a reality with thoughtful planning and the right team of experts. Research from Freddie Mac shows 28% of all households (36.1 million) are sole-person, and that number is growing. Over the past 40 years, the number of sole-person households has nearly doubled, and that’s a trend that’s expected to continue. According to Freddie Mac:
“Our calculation suggests that there will be an additional 5 million sole-person households in the United States by the next decade. This means 42% of the household growth will be contributed by sole-person households, . . .”
If you fall … (0 comments)

san jose japantown condos for sale: A Happy Tail: Pets and the Homebuying Process - 12/30/21 09:56 PM
A Happy Tail: Pets and the Homebuying Process Some Highlights
It’s no secret that we love our furry friends – about 70% of U.S. householdshave pets. What may come as a surprise is how large a role they play in the homebuying process. Americans spend$1,163 a year on their pets, and nearly half of pet owners say they would move for better accommodations and amenities for their pets. If you’re thinking of adding a furry friend, or if you already have, let’s connect to discuss how you can find a home that meets all your pet’s needs.  

san jose japantown condos for sale: Expert Insights on the 2022 Housing Market - 12/29/21 06:21 PM
As we move into 2022, both buyers and sellers are wondering, what’s next? Will there be more homes available to buy? Will prices keep climbing? How high will mortgage rates go? For the answer to those questions and more, we turn to the experts. Here’s a look at what they say we can expect in 2022.
Odeta Kushi, Deputy Chief Economist, First American:“Consensus forecasts put rates at about 3.7% by the end of next year. So, that’s still historically low, but certainly higher than they are today.”
Danielle Hale, Chief Economist,“Affordability will increasingly be a challenge as interest rates and prices rise, but remote work may expand search areas and … (0 comments)

san jose japantown condos for sale: Homebuyers: Be Ready To Act This Winter - 12/23/21 12:05 AM
To succeed as a buyer in today’s market, it’s important to understand which market trends will have the greatest impact on your home search. Danielle Hale, Chief Economist at, says there are two factors every buyer should keep their eyes on:
“Going forward, the conditions buyers face are primarily dependent on two things: mortgage rates and housing supply.”
Here’s a look at each one.
Mortgage Rates Projected To Rise in 2022As a buyer, your interest rate directly impacts how much you’ll pay on your monthly mortgage when you purchase a home. Rates are beginning to rise, and experts forecast they’ll continue going up in 2022.
As the graph shows, mortgage rates … (0 comments)

san jose japantown condos for sale: The Average Homeowner Gained $56,700 in Equity over the Past Year - 12/22/21 06:41 PM
When you think of homeownership, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Chances are you might focus on the non-financial benefits, like the security or stability a home provides. But what about equity? While it can be overlooked, a homeowner’s equity helps build long-term wealth over time. Here’s a look at what equity is and why it matters.
For a homeowner, your equity is the current value of your home minus what you owe on the loan. So, as home values climb, your equity does too. That’s exactly what’s happening today. There aren’t enough homes on the market to meet buyer demand, so bidding wars and multiple offers … (0 comments)

san jose japantown condos for sale: Does the Size of Your Down Payment Matter? - 11/04/21 11:32 AM
0 Cities Where You’ll Need the Biggest Down Payment To Snag a Home—and 10 Where You’ll Put Down the Least 
In this hot housing market, a sizable down payment always stands out. Here are 10 cities where buyers are bringing the most cash. On the flip side, we've also found 10 towns where a massive down payment isn't a requirement.
Here’s what it comes down to: Those with big bank accounts are obliterating the competition by winning bidding wars with all-cash offers. Meanwhile, the other 99% of Americans—the ones who need a mortgage to finance the largest purchase most will ever make—are struggling … (0 comments)

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