san jose realtor: Housing inventory is going up!!! - 05/10/22 09:56 AM
Housing Inventory is finally going up! We have 1,021 single family homes for sale today and 442 condos in the Santa Clara County. Last time we had this many homes was in July of 2021. We are going up little faster than last year! We are all hoping for more leveled field between buyers and sellers! If you are considering selling and don't see the obvious signs NOW is the time! Connect at 408-656-4439

san jose realtor: Contribute to a 529 College Savings Plan With Gift Cards - 01/09/22 01:13 PM
Contribute to a 529 College Savings Plan With Gift Cards Parents contributing to a 529 college savings plan may find it difficult, if not a little time-consuming, to transfer cash and checks that their children receive on their birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations into the popular college savings fund.
Instead of not knowing if their cash gift is going to pay for college or for a night out on the town, grandparents and others can buy gift cards and have the money deposited in the student’s college savings plan.
The 529 gift cards are used at, a registry for online … (3 comments)

san jose realtor: The Perks of Putting 20% Down on a Home - 12/22/21 06:28 PM
If you’re thinking of buying a home, you’re probably wondering what you need to save for your down payment. Is it 20% of the purchase price, or could you put down less? While there are lower down payment programs available that allow qualified buyers to put down as little as 3.5%, it’s important to understand the many perks that come with a 20% down payment. Here are four reasons why putting 20% down may be a great option if it works within your budget.1. Your Interest Rate May Be LowerA 20% down payment vs. a 3-5% down payment shows your lender you’re more … (2 comments)

san jose realtor: Home Is Where the Heart Is More than Ever This Year - 12/05/21 09:15 AM
There’s no denying the financial benefits of homeownership, but what’s often overlooked are the feelings of gratitude, security, pride, and comfort we get from owning a home. This year, those emotions are stronger than ever. We’ve lived through a time that has truly changed our needs and who we are, and as a result, homeownership has a whole new meaning for many of us.
“Last year, staying home became a necessity and that caused many homeowners to have renewed gratitude for the roof over their head.”
As a nation, we continue to work through the challenges of a pandemic that’s pushed us all to new … (0 comments)

san jose realtor: Sellers: You’ll Likely Get Multiple Strong Offers This Season - 11/16/21 12:50 PM
This Holiday season is posed to have a competitive sellers market. What does it mean? You are in a good place to receive multiple offers which usually brings more favorable terms and a higher sale price for you as a result!
Today’s buyers are still dealing with a limited number of homes for sale. Thanks to continued low inventory, those buyers are competing with one another for their dream home. And when that happens, if your house is one of the few on the market, it will rise to the top of the pool – and it will be worth it.
Nationwide, the … (0 comments)

san jose realtor: Time for your home to shine!!! - 11/14/21 10:49 AM
Happy Sunday! Here is your latest inventory update. Number of available homes is going down but buyers are still out there! Today, your home has a platform with more room to be seen and shine! Message me for Holiday marketing plan to understand the difference in marketing now ...vs. waiting for spring!
And for you my favorite #downtownsanjose dwellers and #japantownsanjose inventory is only 49 units. Competition is near none! Let's talk!

san jose realtor: Sellers Have Incredible Leverage in Today’s Market - 11/02/21 12:30 PM
What Does This Mean for Sellers Today?With buyers eager to purchase but so few homes available, sellers who list their houses this fall have a tremendous advantage – also known as leverage – when negotiating with buyers.
Your Leverage Can Help You Negotiate Your Best TermsThese three buyer needs give homeowners a leg up when selling their house. You might already realize this leverage enables you to sell at a good price, but it also means you can negotiate the best terms to suit your needs.
And since buyer demand is still high, there’s a good chance you’ll get offers from multiple buyers who are willing to … (1 comments)

san jose realtor: The Disturbing Design Trend Perfect for Halloween - 10/26/21 11:59 PM
What Is ‘Goblincore’: A Dark, Disturbing Home Trend Just in Time for Halloween
With Halloween just around the corner, it seems all too fitting that the latest decor craze celebrates all things creepy: “goblincore.”
So what is goblincore, exactly? Think flowers in a vase, but the blooms are dried up and dead. Decor motifs hail from nature’s underbelly, such as snails, moss, bones, tarot cards, and mushrooms. (Apparently, goblins and their elf brethren dwell under spongy fungi.)
A goblincore homeowner also feels that gastropods (snails, slugs) are unsung heroes, deserving a front-and-center place on the walls and as figurines on sideboards. Ditto … (2 comments)

san jose realtor: Knowledge Is Power When It Comes to Appraisals and Inspections! - 10/26/21 02:14 PM
Lenders typically require an appraisal to ensure that your loan-to-value ratio falls within their underwriting guidelines. Mortgages are secured loans where the lender uses your home as collateral in case you default on the agreed-upon payments. Put simply: when you apply for a mortgage, an unbiased appraisal – typically required by your lender – is the best way to verify the value of the home. That appraisal ensures the lender doesn’t loan you more than what the home is worth. What about inspections? Home inspections are the opportunity to discover major defects that were not apparent at a buyer’s showing. . … (0 comments)

san jose realtor: Breaking news! TOMORROW register for update! - 10/07/21 03:29 PM
What is new today? We have 48 active condo/townhomes (see link below) on the market and 47 Single family homes. Market slowed down a little bit so if you are looking to transition from your condo to something with more yard this is a good news for you!How? Reach out to me to find out!   … (0 comments)

san jose realtor: It's never been better!!! Buying or selling your home? - 10/07/21 03:27 PM
Inventory in Downtown SJ is on continuous decline since July. We peaked at 1,057 single family homes and 583 condos/townhomes for Santa Clara county. Downtown has 59 units for sale today and about half of them are on the market longer than 30 days so expect your home to sit on the market little longer than used to. If you have any questions let me know or register for our free Thursday market update or request free online Q&A! See week by week inventory update!   … (1 comments)

san jose realtor: What is it that homeowners want most? - 05/15/20 09:48 AM
What is it that homeowners want most?
· In a recent study by, homeowners noted some of the main things they would change about their homes to make them more livable.
· Not surprisingly, more space, an updated kitchen, and a home gym rose to the top of the list.
· If you’re thinking of selling this year, having these items in your listing might make your house more desirable than ever to potential buyers. If you need advice on how to and what improvement would bring to the highest ROI in the future? Message me for virtual tour or social distant walk and … (0 comments)

san jose realtor: How Technology is Helping Buyers Navigate the Home Search Process - 04/17/20 01:35 PM
How Technology is Helping Buyers Navigate the Home Search Process A recent survey revealed that buyers are still considering moving forward with the homebuying process, even if they can’t see the home in-person.
· While they still prefer to physically see a home, virtual home tours and accurate listing information top the list of tech specs buyers find most helpful in today’s process.
· Let’s connect today to determine how technology can help power your home search. #SearchSafely #HomeSearch #HappySpace #pivot #newway #NewYou #Home #sacredspacerevolution

san jose realtor: What If I Need to Sell My Home Now? What Can I Do? - 04/14/20 09:40 AM
Every day that passes, people have a need to buy and sell homes. That doesn’t stop during the current pandemic. If you’ve had a major life change recently, whether with your job or your family situation, you may be in a position where you need to sell your home – and fast. While you probably feel like timing with the current pandemic isn’t on your side, making a move is still possible. Rest assured, with technology at your side and fewer sellers on the market in most areas, you can list your house and make it happen safely and effectively, especially when following … (0 comments)

san jose realtor: Recession? Yes. Housing Crash? No. - 04/13/20 11:25 AM
With over 90% of Americans now under a shelter-in-place order, many experts are warning that the American economy is heading toward a recession, if it’s not in one already. What does that mean to the residential real estate market?
COVID-19 hit the pause button on the American economy in the middle of March. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Morgan Stanley are all calling for a deep dive in the economy in the second quarter of this year. Though we may not yet be in a recession by the technical definition of the word today, most believe history will show we were in one from April … (0 comments)

san jose realtor: Use your time wisely! LITTLE DIY with highest ROI - 04/10/20 02:40 PM
Home or real estate holding is on minds of many right now. From worries on how is this shut-down is going to affect the value to how you can sell your home in this situation. If you are in need to sell your home in the near future this time is great to use and focus on the preparation and taking the steps that you would have to take anyways. Doing these projects will save you money and time once we get back to our normal again.
·       Believe it or not, there are lots of things you can do to prep your … (0 comments)

san jose realtor: Will Surging Unemployment Crush Home Sales? - 04/06/20 01:06 PM
Ten million Americans lost their jobs over the last two weeks. The next announced unemployment rate on May 8th is expected to be in the double digits. Because the health crisis brought the economy to a screeching halt, many are feeling a personal financial crisis. James Bullard, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, explained that the government is trying to find ways to assist those who have lost their jobs and the companies which were forced to close (think: your neighborhood restaurant). 
“This is a planned, organized partial shutdown of the U.S. economy in the second quarter. The overall goal is to keep … (0 comments)

san jose realtor: The Housing market is positioned to help the economy recover.   - 04/03/20 11:30 AM
I know many of you are wondering what the current situation is going to do to our Real Estate Market. There are many theories and ideas but all we can do is look in the past and see that we keep on moving forward and this too will one day be in the past.  Now more than ever our housing has importance. It's our safe space and in time it un-deniably creates wealth through appreciation.  We are now listed as essential service and with certain limitations can show or arrange viewing with all of the highest safety measures in place. So … (2 comments)

san jose realtor: Interest Rates Vs. Your Monthly Housing Payments - 03/04/20 01:51 PM
Spring is right around the corner, so flowers are starting to bloom, and many potential homebuyers are getting ready to step into the market. If you’re thinking of buying this season, here’s how mortgage interest rates are working in your favor. To put this in perspective, the following chart from the same article shows how average mortgage rates by decade have impacted the approximate monthly payment of a $200,000 home over time: Keep in mind, if interest rates go up, this can push many potential homebuyers out of the market. You certainly don’t want to be priced out of the market … (1 comments)

san jose realtor: Imagine having no housing payment! Yes you can!!! - 02/17/20 01:07 PM
One of the most common reasons I hear from people that rent is that they can't "afford" to buy. Let me dive into this little deeper. Most of us live somewhere. Meaning somewhere where you get housing in exchange for your heard earned money.
Most of us are blessed with few extras in life which means you have spare money dedicated to life's fun.
Yes I'm talking about your $5-7 Starbucks coffee or $10-20 lunch at work, that sweater you already have in some version in your closet or movie that you can see in couple of months on Netflix...
The truth of "I can't afford it" … (0 comments)

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