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Homeowner with pets, and selling their home, need to make decisions on how to care for their pets.  The homeowner needs to realize there are buyers who may be frightened, allergic or turned off to animals. Many times it is difficult to identify the size of a barking dog at the front door, this is...
According to Bernice Ross from Inman News, reports Consumer Reports released a study that 67 percent of the agents were willing to reduce their commissions simply because the seller asked.  When asked by seller about commission, the agent should shift the discussion from how much commission to va...
Many times it is necessary for a family to move to their new location prior to selling their old home.  There can be many good reasons why a family needs to make such a move, but this does not necessarily mean the family will be put into a desperate position of possibility losing money on the tra...
At this time most sellers and realtors are dealing with a slow market, therefore, a potential buyer may send you a lowball offer.   The seller should treat this as a business transaction by not getting offended and keep emotions out of it.  Remember the buyer dictates the price you will receive f...
According Inman News, Austin is experiencing a reduction in demand for homes, but the effects in central Texas are mild compared to what is being experienced in other areas of the country.  Austin market has not experienced double digit appreciation in recent years.  The mdian price has been risi...
Sometimes buyers have not done the proper preparation to buy a home.  In order to be prepared you need to get pre-approved with a lender.  Then you are ready to take the necessary steps when you locate a home that fits your needs and desires.   You should make an offer quickly, even if many homes...
According to the Austin Business Journal, states the nation has experienced 394,000 job losses since mid-2007 with the unemployment rate rising 1% in the same time period.   A few sections of the country have been able to dodge this economic lost with 3 cities within Texas experiencing the hottes...
Many buyers will be buying a home in a subdivision that is referred to as a Homeowners Association (HOA).  This means there is an association within the subdivision that has developed a set of rules that will help protect the value of your property by ensuring each home keeps their home to the ne...

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