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As a real estate agent you need to take an active role in ensuring that each buyer has been provided accurate information about the home.  It is the real estate agent professional duty to take the proper steps to inform the buyer of the property condition.  This means, disclosing both the good an...
Remember to keep a cool head during the home buying process.  In most cases you are not going to get everything you originally requested, but normally there will be trade-offs in your decision, which means, you sacrifice on a lesser important amenity for another amenity you did not plan on gettin...
Do not let the number of days on the market scare you from showing a property.  There are a number of agents that have negative feeling about property after they learn a home has been on the market above a certain number of days.  Automatically, they are thinking there are serious problems with t...
In today's market with the high use of the internet, some sellers think they can bypass the use of a listing agent when selling their property.   Some think they have sufficient knowledge and experience to sell their home.  The questions are, do they really understand how to price property, do th...
Having an open house is a great way to market your home, but it is important to have the home appealing to buyers.  A seller and the listing agent should be working as a team to generate the greatest appeal to buyers.  At the same time, the agent needs to make showing suggestions and/or provide h...
As a buyer, you need to understand the purpose of a homeowners' association.  Normally, there are two major types of associations: one is referred to as a voluntary association, second is referred to as mandatory association.  The major difference is: the voluntary association encourages it's res...

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