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First, you need to choose your lender carefully; your lender should be a financially stable company and have a record of customer satisfaction.  Talk to personal friends who had a good experience with their home loan or your realtor about recommendations of lenders.  Use a local lender, because i...
Sometimes you encounter home buyers that do not understand the purpose of an escrow account.  These are separate reserve accounts setup by a mortgage company to pay your homeowners insurance and property taxes when due.  From each mortgage payment, your mortgage company will set aside a required ...
Many home buyers and homeowners do not always understand how interest rates are affected.  Normally, a lower interest rate will provide a buyer more money, therefore, giving them the capability to purchase more home.  Interest rates are always fluctuating; therefore, buyer should have a discussio...
Some buyers are unfamiliar with the term LTV ratio.  This ratio is the amount of money required by the lender from the buyer in order to get a loan to purchase property.  This value is normally based on the sales price of the property.  For example, if the LTV ratio is 95% and the sales price of ...
Many times home buyers who are buying a home have not heard of, or understand the purpose of a Home Warranty.   Home warranties provide insurance coverage for mechanical breakdowns of appliances and home systems that are not covered by your homeowner's insurance policy.  These types of insurance ...

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