electrical: Home Inspection Common Problems - 08/14/19 06:07 AM
Usually home inspections that have best chance to receive a clean inspection report are new homes that have never have been live-in.  Clean inspection report means there are no defects and meet current building code requirements in the area.  To insure there is no defects and property meets current building codes, the home buyer needs to request a third-party inspection at their expense.  Many times, this is worth the expense.  Home buyers who are buying a new home from a new home builder expect the home to be free of defects and meet the current building code rules.  Home buyers who … (1 comments)

electrical: Safety Tips When On Vacation - 05/05/16 10:39 PM
Nobody wants to return from a vacation and discover their home has been vandalized or water damage occurred due to broken water pipes.  Prior to going on vacation, need to take some necessary steps to either to prevent or reduce the chances of some unfortunate event occurring while on vacation.  Following are some important tips to consider prior to leaving:
Have someone check on your home – Have a trusted neighbor, friend or relative check on your home on a regular basis.  In addition, notify local police department requesting them to do drive byes of your home.  Finally, another important safety tip … (0 comments)

electrical: Selling Home – Fix or Not Fix It - 08/13/15 11:01 PM
In today’s market many home buyers prefer to buy a property that is move-in-ready condition.  In addition, these same buyers most likely will bypass houses that are being sold “as is”.  As a seller, you need to determine if certain fixes are worth it, which means, are you going to get the proper return on investment.  Prior to putting property on the market determine which fixes are worth it.  Following is a list of ideas that may help you determine whether to fix-it, or not to fix-it:   
Fix-it – major electrical wiring problems, replacing old carpet with new carpet or wood … (1 comments)

electrical: Home Moving Suggestions - 05/13/14 09:39 AM
Many people will either make a long distance or local move to a new home.  This time period is always an anxious time for the family.  To help with the move, following are suggestions that may make transition to a new home go a little smoother: 
·        If planning on using a moving company, recommend contact them immediately.  Long distance movers need to be contacted more than 6 weeks in advance. 
·   Build in some extra time and contingent plans for closing on current home, and taking possession of your new home.  Sometimes closing does not occur on schedule, … (2 comments)

electrical: Why You Need a Home Inspection - 11/20/13 12:31 AM
When buying a resale home a number of the homes will have at least one major defect.  All previous owned homes probably will need repairs and improvements.  Prior to making a major investment into your new home, need to be aware of possible problems, and what it will take to correct the problems prior to closing on the house.  As a home buyer, you need to be aware of potential problems that may exist in a house, and how to identify those problems.  Following are some potential problems that can be found in a house:
·  The furnace may have a … (18 comments)

electrical: Things to Look For When House Hunting - 02/11/13 05:45 AM
When buyers are house hunting, whether in a seller’s or buyer’s market they need to pay close attention to certain things on and near the property.  As a buyer, these items should always on be your checklist to insure you have evaluated these things to your satisfaction.  The items that are going to be mention below are big ticket items that could be very expensive to correct.
·      Kitchen – You need to take a close look at the floor, cabinets, appliances and counters.  These items  are the most expense to replace.  When looking at appliances try to determine the approximate … (3 comments)

electrical: Key Areas to Inspect When Purchasing Home - 11/05/12 10:09 PM
Buying a home can be both exciting and frustrating.  Before starting your home search, you need to develop a checklist of amenities that are a must, and nice to have.  Part of your checklist should include a visual inspection of important areas within the house prior to making an offer. Following are areas within a house that need an inspection:
·     Foundation:  Inspect for major cracks in the foundation and outside walls of the house. Cracks can be caused by certain types of soil which the home is built on, trees either too close to the structure or wrong type of … (0 comments)

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