home: Home Sellers - Traditional Selling Versus Selling to IBuyers - 09/05/19 05:36 AM
Now we are seeing a rise in homeowners selling their home to iBuyers versus selling their house on the open market.  Selling to an iBuyer offers more convenience and allows the seller to plan their physical move with less stress.  Since iBuyers may help make your move less stressful, but which method is more profitable to the seller?  Often a seller who sells directly to an iBuyer pays higher fees versus selling the home the traditional way using a real estate agent.  At the same time, iBuyer approach may allow seller to receive his cash quicker, and create more certainly on … (0 comments)

home: Home Inspection Common Problems - 08/14/19 06:07 AM
Usually home inspections that have best chance to receive a clean inspection report are new homes that have never have been live-in.  Clean inspection report means there are no defects and meet current building code requirements in the area.  To insure there is no defects and property meets current building codes, the home buyer needs to request a third-party inspection at their expense.  Many times, this is worth the expense.  Home buyers who are buying a new home from a new home builder expect the home to be free of defects and meet the current building code rules.  Home buyers who … (1 comments)

home: Freddie Max Fixer-Upper Loans - 07/17/19 06:11 AM
 Recently Freddie Max started offering a new product to homeowners to help them remodel and spruce up their properties.  The new mortgage product will offer greater flexible financing options for aging homes.  As homes age, many homeowners are wanting to remodel and update their homes.  With this new loan product, homeowners will be able to finance or refinance fixer-uppers.  In addition, eligible home buyers can combine a home and finance a fixer-upper loans into single mortgage.  Research is showing that there are larger number of older homes in need of repair which is an option when buying a home.  This option … (0 comments)

home: Ventilation Is Important for Healthy Homes - 06/27/19 05:28 AM
Recent studies show indoor air quality is becoming a top five environment concern to public health.  Need to realize most people spend 90% of their time indoors.  This includes your home, working at the office, and other buildings. As a result, there is a need to have a great environment on the interior of buildings.  This can be done by removing the following pollutants: lead, dust mites, radon, pest, carbon monoxide, pet dander, mold, and secondary smoke.  Good ventilation in the form of fans, and kitchen exhaust fans will aid in the removal bad air in houses.  There are a few … (1 comments)

home: Homeowners Increase Equity Value Over Past Year - 06/13/19 05:56 AM
Per the National Association of Realtors (NAR) recent survey shows metro home values have increased approximately 4% in first quarter of 2019.  Countrywide, the median price is $254,000 for a single-family dwelling.  Within the 86% measured markets, single-family home prices rose, of those 13 metro markets realized double-digit increases.  This reflects the fact that a typical homeowner has seen a $9,500 increase equity over the past year.  With these higher home prices this is creating an affordability issue, median incomes have risen to $77,752 in the first quarter of 2019.  Now a home buyer who is making a 5% down payment … (1 comments)

home: Home Staging Tips Prior to Photo Shoot - 05/17/19 06:25 AM
Usually, the first impression you make on a potential home buyer is the quality of the photos used in your listing.  Both home buyers and realtors make decisions to the property based on this first impression.  Understandable, it cost money to have professionally taken photos, but this normally this gets the seller a premium when the house sells.  Realize our society is a visual society, people react positive when products and/or houses are displayed at their best.  Following are a few suggestions how to prepare a home for a photo shoot:
  Make sure all mirrors, floors, and surfaces are spotless.  … (3 comments)

home: Getting to Know Millennial Buyers - 04/25/19 07:36 AM
How well do you know millennial Buyers?  Now these people are the largest buying force in the housing industry per National Association of Realtors (NAR).  These buyers are between the age of 21 and 38, and they account for 37% of the home purchases.  Older millennials are defined as between the age of 29 and 38.  These millennials are most likely to have children under the age of 18, have a greater desire to own their own home, desire a larger home, willingness to relocate for job, and more likely have a change in familial status.  As per home purchases, millennials … (2 comments)

home: Home Staging Reduces Market Time and Increase Sales Price - 04/04/19 05:51 AM
Home staging has been gaining greater popularity because sellers are realizing that homes sell faster, and there is greater potential of receiving a higher sales price.  This may be due to some of the following reasons:
         many buyers are watching TV home-makeovers          selling agents are encouraging and assisting sellers to stage their home for faster sale potential          staging a home often allows seller to receive a greater return on their investment          many seller agents feel that home shows tend to help promote increase value from staging            TV home shows are increasingly influencing buyers’ expectations what … (2 comments)

home: Home Inspection Defects - 03/13/19 06:06 AM
Home inspections tend to uncover needed repairs for many properties.  Many times, these defects are uncovered during the sales cycle when selling a home.  In some states there are only a few days allowed to discover problems making it stressful on the home buyer.  It is important for the buyer’s agent to make every effort to negotiate sufficient number of days to allow the inspection to be competed and provide the home buyer reasonable time to respond back to seller.  Unfortunately, this does not always occur.  In this situation, if the listing agent and seller did a role reversal, my question … (2 comments)

home: Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Homes - 02/12/19 05:38 AM
 Do most home buyers know the real difference between a modern and contemporary home when buying a new home?  In todays’ market place, those two words are interchangeable because they contain many of the same traits, but are two different building construction styles.  Contemporary home styles are consisting evolving.  These homes may contain a mix of aesthetics, including traditional and modern architecture.  In addition, they often characterized by asymmetrical shapes, mixed materials, open spaces, curves and/or sweeping lines, energy efficient, lots of natural light, and tend to have combination of both indoor and outdoor spaces.  Now a modern home tends have … (1 comments)

home: Upgrades Desired by High End Home Buyers - 01/25/19 06:02 AM
Home sales appear to be slowing down within the high-end home market.  Sellers are realizing they need to invest in upgrades to their home prior to putting their home on the market.  Now that there is a larger inventory of these types of homes on the market, this gives buyers more choice to choose from.  In order for sellers to meet the demand of buyers, many sellers are being forced to update their home.  Following are some upgrades a seller can make to their home to improve their chances of quick sale:
High ceilings – Many buyers are asking about and desiring … (1 comments)

home: Starter Home Suggestions for First-Time Home Buyers - 12/19/18 08:29 AM
Currently, all real estate price points are experiencing a shortage of inventory in the housing market.  At this point in time, the entry level for first-time home buyers is experiencing the greatest difficulty.  This is due in part; many homeowners are staying in their current home longer instead of trading up due to rising construction cost.  In addition, number of builders have abandoned the entry-level market.  Unfortunately, most buyers need to brace themselves for higher housing prices than they may have expected in many parts of the country.  Home buyers may be able to bypass some of these hurdles with careful … (0 comments)

home: How to Help Seniors Not to Abandon Homeownership - 11/28/18 06:47 AM
People over the age of 55 begin to think about whether they should own or rent a home.  Many of these people desire to downsize and have hassle-free lifestyle which includes little or no maintenance.  At this time, this age group is becoming the fastest growing segment of renters.  Apartments owners now are offering amenity-rich apartments that attracts many baby-boomers, but seniors need to be reminded a home is probably more affordable in many U.S. markets.  In this environment, realtors have an opportunity to provide services to keep them up on homeownership:
Understand Seniors Needs and Desires - It is important to … (3 comments)

home: Myths That May Keep Home Buyers on Sidelines - 10/30/18 06:51 AM
Consumers in today’s market tend to have a lot of assumptions about the housing market.  Many times, assumptions are incorrect and cause them to miss out on a great property deal.  Following are some of the assumptions and opposing viewpoints on some assumptions:
20% Down Payment - Some buyers want to wait until they have a 20% down payment.  This may cause them to miss out on a good deal.  Historically homes prices keep rising over the long run, therefore, their 20% down payment becomes larger.  Since this is true, need to move forward purchasing a house in order to build … (0 comments)

home: Thoughts How Technology May Change Real Estate - 10/03/18 06:22 AM
In the foreseeable future technology will be having a significant impact on real estate transactions by using artificial intelligence and machine learning.  There will be new tools and processes to improve the industry in the future.  Following are few ways where the processes may be improved:
Marketing dollars – Realtors and brokers need to use analytics to determine where they are going spend their marketing dollars.  They don’t want to blanket an entire area, but use their market dollars in a smart way targeting the best prospects.  Analytics will help determine the right way to target buyers and sellers.  For example, … (0 comments)

home: When Moving Pack Like A Professional - 08/14/18 09:38 AM
Each year many people move out of their current home into a new home.  Prior to moving, they need to start developing a written master moving plan with the ability to update the plan as you move towards moving day.  Written plan will help you not to forget something, and control your time and expenses.  Following are a list of items you may want to include in your master plan:
Discard items - Identify items you no longer use.  Determine how you would feel if you no longer had these items.  If okay not having these items, then either recycle, donate, or … (2 comments)

home: Learn About Neighborhood Before Buying - 07/05/18 08:09 AM
Before buying a new home investigate each neighborhood and determine if it reflects the lifestyle you desire.  Drive the neighborhood at different times of the day and visit with people who live in the neighborhood.   Performing these exercises, will give a buyer greater comfort level that they are making the right decision.  Following list contains things that you should be evaluating prior to making your decision:
Favorite spots – Identify your shopping likes, activities for family, school, church, and work requirements, etc.   Then determine how much travel time you will need to participate in these activities.
Safety – Contact police department to get … (1 comments)

home: Creatively Financing a New Home - 05/31/18 05:35 AM
Prior to beginning a serious home search, do research on how you can best finance your new home based on your personal situation.  There are things to take into consideration, such as, are you a first-time home buyer, veteran, credit score, and types of loans available, etc.  Be sure to talk to mortgage lenders and realtors about what is available for your situation.  Following are some creative financing techniques:
Seller financing – Some sellers are willing to finance a loan and allow the buyer to repay the loan gradually similar to a mortgage company.  In addition, check into the possibility of assuming … (0 comments)

home: Know The Important Facts About Title Insurance - 05/08/18 06:00 AM
Title policy will be required whenever you purchase a home and have a mortgage loan on the property.  Normally, the policy is purchased by the seller of the property.  Title policy is an insurance policy that protects the homeowner from fraudulent claims made against their ownership, mistakes made in earlier sales, such as, misspelling of names or inaccurate location descriptions of property.  The title policy will also protect the lender for defects in the title cause by mistakes made at the local tax office, forged documents, and claims from other parties.  It ensures that the mortgage documents are valid and enforceable.  … (1 comments)

home: Understanding Green Home Vocabulary - 04/19/18 05:58 AM
If you are thinking of building a new home or buying your next home, you should think about the environmental conditions of the property.  There are a lot of  available material to read and understand to help make the correct decisions.  Following are some greenhouse terms that will aid you in this endeavor: 
Residential Energy Services Network – a non-profit organization that develops industry standards, rules for energy efficiency ratings, and certification systems for buildings.  Also certifies all types of contractors which include: builders, roofing, siding and remodeling professionals.
Home Energy Rating System (HERS) – Index that measures energy efficiency of homes.  … (1 comments)

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