house: Home Sellers - Traditional Selling Versus Selling to IBuyers - 09/05/19 05:36 AM
Now we are seeing a rise in homeowners selling their home to iBuyers versus selling their house on the open market.  Selling to an iBuyer offers more convenience and allows the seller to plan their physical move with less stress.  Since iBuyers may help make your move less stressful, but which method is more profitable to the seller?  Often a seller who sells directly to an iBuyer pays higher fees versus selling the home the traditional way using a real estate agent.  At the same time, iBuyer approach may allow seller to receive his cash quicker, and create more certainly on … (0 comments)

house: Home Inspection Common Problems - 08/14/19 06:07 AM
Usually home inspections that have best chance to receive a clean inspection report are new homes that have never have been live-in.  Clean inspection report means there are no defects and meet current building code requirements in the area.  To insure there is no defects and property meets current building codes, the home buyer needs to request a third-party inspection at their expense.  Many times, this is worth the expense.  Home buyers who are buying a new home from a new home builder expect the home to be free of defects and meet the current building code rules.  Home buyers who … (1 comments)

house: Ventilation Is Important for Healthy Homes - 06/27/19 05:28 AM
Recent studies show indoor air quality is becoming a top five environment concern to public health.  Need to realize most people spend 90% of their time indoors.  This includes your home, working at the office, and other buildings. As a result, there is a need to have a great environment on the interior of buildings.  This can be done by removing the following pollutants: lead, dust mites, radon, pest, carbon monoxide, pet dander, mold, and secondary smoke.  Good ventilation in the form of fans, and kitchen exhaust fans will aid in the removal bad air in houses.  There are a few … (1 comments)

house: Home Staging Tips Prior to Photo Shoot - 05/17/19 06:25 AM
Usually, the first impression you make on a potential home buyer is the quality of the photos used in your listing.  Both home buyers and realtors make decisions to the property based on this first impression.  Understandable, it cost money to have professionally taken photos, but this normally this gets the seller a premium when the house sells.  Realize our society is a visual society, people react positive when products and/or houses are displayed at their best.  Following are a few suggestions how to prepare a home for a photo shoot:
  Make sure all mirrors, floors, and surfaces are spotless.  … (3 comments)

house: Home Inspection Defects - 03/13/19 06:06 AM
Home inspections tend to uncover needed repairs for many properties.  Many times, these defects are uncovered during the sales cycle when selling a home.  In some states there are only a few days allowed to discover problems making it stressful on the home buyer.  It is important for the buyer’s agent to make every effort to negotiate sufficient number of days to allow the inspection to be competed and provide the home buyer reasonable time to respond back to seller.  Unfortunately, this does not always occur.  In this situation, if the listing agent and seller did a role reversal, my question … (2 comments)

house: Starter Home Suggestions for First-Time Home Buyers - 12/19/18 08:29 AM
Currently, all real estate price points are experiencing a shortage of inventory in the housing market.  At this point in time, the entry level for first-time home buyers is experiencing the greatest difficulty.  This is due in part; many homeowners are staying in their current home longer instead of trading up due to rising construction cost.  In addition, number of builders have abandoned the entry-level market.  Unfortunately, most buyers need to brace themselves for higher housing prices than they may have expected in many parts of the country.  Home buyers may be able to bypass some of these hurdles with careful … (0 comments)

house: Myths That May Keep Home Buyers on Sidelines - 10/30/18 06:51 AM
Consumers in today’s market tend to have a lot of assumptions about the housing market.  Many times, assumptions are incorrect and cause them to miss out on a great property deal.  Following are some of the assumptions and opposing viewpoints on some assumptions:
20% Down Payment - Some buyers want to wait until they have a 20% down payment.  This may cause them to miss out on a good deal.  Historically homes prices keep rising over the long run, therefore, their 20% down payment becomes larger.  Since this is true, need to move forward purchasing a house in order to build … (0 comments)

house: Staging Vacant House Benefits - 03/16/18 06:54 AM
A homeowner who is going to sell his home and vacate the house at the same time the property is put on the market, may want to think about staging the house.  Following are a few things you may want to consider before making the final decision to or not to stage your house:
Having plants in house – As a seller, you want the home buyer to think and say this could be our next home.  No matter what type of home it is you want to present the home in the best possible light and be inviting to visitors.  
Room … (0 comments)

house: Preparing for House Hunting - 01/31/18 07:48 AM
Home buyers need to prepare themselves prior to starting a serious home search.  There are few helpful tips that may reduce stress to home buyers:
No guaranteed right time to buy – If a buyer finds the right home for themselves, do not risk the possibility you will find something better later.  This may include getting better financial terms.  Normally, most factors do not change drastically in the short term.  As a home buyer, there are a couple things to be aware of:  First, if interested in buying a new home, you might be able to get a better deal if … (1 comments)

house: Considerations When Accepting Home Offer - 01/11/18 07:13 AM
Living in a popular neighborhood where houses are selling at a fast space can give a seller the big head that their home can sell above market price.  This may or may not be true.  Remember, buyers may not have the same high opinion of your home as the homeowner does.  Seller’s home probably has met their needs, but it may not be the most desirable house for other people.  A home that has met your needs and desires, is also subject to contingencies that are contained in a sales contract.  Fewer contingencies within contract improves odds of getting faster acceptance … (3 comments)

house: Looking Ahead Per Freddie Max - 10/09/17 05:31 AM
The last few years there has been approximately 2% economic growth which has created economic environment that is favorable for housing and mortgage markets.  This environment is expected to continue into 2018.  Prior year’s home sales growth has been the highest since 2007, and going forward expected home sales to be primarily driven by new home sales.  According to FHFA house price index, there was a 6.6% house price rise from the 2nd quarter of 2016 to the 2nd quarter of 2017, but expect a lower rise in house prices in 2018 due an expected rise in housing starts, and gradual … (1 comments)

house: Buying Home in Hot Market - 09/22/17 05:44 AM
Anytime a person purchases a home it may be a stressful experience.  Homebuyers, usually are emotional, and are trying to buy the perfect home before another buyer beats them to the purchase.  Becoming knowledgeable about the home buying process, surrounding your good professional realtor and lender, and being ready to move fast can help to eliminate stress.  A buyer may be able to reduce stress by taking advantage of following tips when competing in the market place:
Property alerts – You and/or realtor can setup instant property alerts when a new property comes on the market.  These are real estate websites that … (1 comments)

house: Things to Do Before Moving into Your New Home - 03/10/17 05:35 AM
You have already signed a contract to purchase your new home.  Now it is time to prepare yourself for the move.  This includes firming up final decisions how the physical move is to be accomplished.  In addition, plan on things that need to be accomplished before or immediately after you have closed on your new home.  Following list are things you may want to consider doing:
Door locks – Smart homeowners will change the locks on their new home, because there is no way know how many people may have keys to your new home.  If the door hardware is either old … (2 comments)

house: Financing Down Payments and Renovations - 11/09/16 09:57 PM
It is important to have a proven financial system when buying or remodeling a house or condominium.  One important aspect to a successful system is having the ability to provide a higher down payment.  Following are some considerations a buyer needs to be aware of when financing down payments and renovations:
Banks and lenders want low risk – Financial institutions want maximum down payment, and will give the borrower a better deal if buyer offers a lower risk scenario.  By doing this the borrower will get the following benefits: reduced mortgage payments, lower interest rates, possibility no mortgage insurance fees, and ability … (0 comments)

house: Considerations When Buying a Smart Home - 10/23/16 11:33 PM
In today’s home market many home buyers are building new homes using smart technology.  This allows the homeowner to enjoy more security, convenience, and peace of mind.  If a home buyer shops wisely they can build a home that suits their needs and desires.  This can all be done without spending a fortune.  Following are a few suggestions on how to achieve the above goals:
Make it cost effective – Today’s energy-efficient features help make the investment more cost-effective and affordable to a larger number of home buyers.  Intelligent features help to improve the use of solar energy through the use of … (0 comments)

house: Buying Both Home and Location Matters - 09/21/16 06:21 AM
Making a buying mistake on either the home or location may lead to financial problems and/or cause homeowners to have an unhappy experience.  When buying, all buyers should consider a number of factors prior to making their final decision.  Couple factors you should realize upfront: you can modify the structure, but you cannot change the location.  Always consider buying in the best location you can afford, but at the same time do not buy the most expensive house in that location.  You want to be in a situation where other homeowners’ values are helping your financial value appreciate faster.   A house … (2 comments)

house: Smart Home Buying Strategies - 06/06/16 11:06 PM
Home buyers need to be prepared and understand how to approach house buying under different market conditions.  First, buyers must be able to recognize when the market shifts.  If houses are selling quickly, probably house prices are rising, this is a seller’s market.  If there is large inventory of homes, and/or houses are selling slowly, this is a buyer’s market.  In a buyer’s market, the buyer has the upper hand and many times can get concessions from the seller.  Otherwise, if a seller’s market and homes in short supply, the buyer normally will be required to pay a higher price for … (0 comments)

house: Home Staging Tips That Will Help House Sell - 04/04/16 11:51 PM
When homeowner decides to sell their home, normally they do not want their home to be on the market for several months.  Most sellers want to sell fast and smart.  One way to make this happen, prior to listing, is prepare the property so it shows outstanding to potential home buyers.  This can be achieved through properly staging the exterior and interior of the home.  Following are a few suggestions:
Repairs or updates – Be sure not to overspend on improvements, but be willing make necessary repairs.   When doing this, do a role reversal and look at it from a buyer’s perspective.
First … (0 comments)

house: Home Buyers Dislikes - 11/29/15 10:39 PM
Many of today’s home buyers are very savvy and know what they want when they are buying their home.  They are able to detect things about a house that are suspicious that will prevent them from further considering the house.  Following are a few things that irritate potential home buyers:
Sellers who cover up issues within their home – These issues can range from bad odors to foundation issues.  Sometimes the seller will not disclose important issues within the seller’s disclosure report.  If these types of things happen, this may lead to either buyer backing out of the deal at the last … (1 comments)

house: Home Buyer Mistakes - 05/21/15 10:32 PM
A home buyer will probably experience some uncertainty when they decide to purchase their home.  This experience can be exciting, confusing, and complex all at the same time.  What they do not want to do is to make serious mistakes during this process.  Following are some suggestions that may prevent a first-time home buyer from making serious mistakes:
·      Can you afford to purchase a house? – Determine how much you can afford to borrow and whether you qualify to borrow that amount.  When determining this amount, understand the life style you wish to live and be honest with yourself.  This … (0 comments)

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