neighborhood: Considerations When Accepting Home Offer - 01/11/18 07:13 AM
Living in a popular neighborhood where houses are selling at a fast space can give a seller the big head that their home can sell above market price.  This may or may not be true.  Remember, buyers may not have the same high opinion of your home as the homeowner does.  Seller’s home probably has met their needs, but it may not be the most desirable house for other people.  A home that has met your needs and desires, is also subject to contingencies that are contained in a sales contract.  Fewer contingencies within contract improves odds of getting faster acceptance … (3 comments)

neighborhood: Questions to Ask Prior To Selling Home - 09/07/17 05:52 AM
Thinking about moving to a larger home, a more desirable location, or downsizing to a smaller home.  You may want to ask yourself a number of questions to determine if this is a smart thing to do.  Such questions may include:
Equity in current home -  First, determine the amount of equity in your home.  This is calculated by determining the fair market value of your property, less outstanding loan amount owed on property, less closing cost to sell your property.  Usually, the first few years of mortgage payments you gain little equity.  After five years, normally start to see a greater … (1 comments)

neighborhood: Steps Towards Preparing to Buy Home - 05/19/17 06:07 AM
When preparing yourself to purchase a home there are numerous things you need take into consideration.  Probably one of the most import things to do is to make an effort to plan for the future.  You probably have a good handle on your current needs and desires, but looking into a crystal ball to understand your future needs and desires is a greater challenge.  This is important to help prevent making a bad long-term decision which may be difficult to reverse in the future.  Following are some steps to take when preparing to buy a home:
Visualize your future needs and desires … (1 comments)

neighborhood: Considerations When Buying a Smart Home - 10/23/16 11:33 PM
In today’s home market many home buyers are building new homes using smart technology.  This allows the homeowner to enjoy more security, convenience, and peace of mind.  If a home buyer shops wisely they can build a home that suits their needs and desires.  This can all be done without spending a fortune.  Following are a few suggestions on how to achieve the above goals:
Make it cost effective – Today’s energy-efficient features help make the investment more cost-effective and affordable to a larger number of home buyers.  Intelligent features help to improve the use of solar energy through the use of … (0 comments)

neighborhood: Buying Both Home and Location Matters - 09/21/16 06:21 AM
Making a buying mistake on either the home or location may lead to financial problems and/or cause homeowners to have an unhappy experience.  When buying, all buyers should consider a number of factors prior to making their final decision.  Couple factors you should realize upfront: you can modify the structure, but you cannot change the location.  Always consider buying in the best location you can afford, but at the same time do not buy the most expensive house in that location.  You want to be in a situation where other homeowners’ values are helping your financial value appreciate faster.   A house … (2 comments)

neighborhood: Understanding Deed Restrictions - 06/18/15 04:09 AM
Many times when you buy property there are restrictions that will prevent you from doing certain things.  These are deed restrictions which are written into the property’s deed. These restrictions come in the form of conditions, covenants and restrictions.  Many times the restrictions were probably developed by the builder, prior owner, or homeowner associations, etc.  The purpose of these rules is to ensure some uniformity between homeowner’s property and neighborhood, restrict certain activities, maintain value and create good relationships within the neighborhood.  Deed restrictions can vary widely between neighborhoods and the following list is an example of some restrictions:
·        Size of … (2 comments)

neighborhood: Pricing Your House - 04/08/15 12:25 AM
Selling your house may require embarking on an adventure most sellers have not experienced many times in the past.  As the time approaches, the seller should do some careful planning and give some consideration to the following things:
·      Remember pricing your home is king. Pricing the home to high tends to cause the home to sit on the market too long. In turn, may cause other potential buyers not to look at the house because they feel there is something wrong with the property.  Pricing too low may hurt your bank account, unless you get into a multi-offer environment which … (1 comments)

neighborhood: Choosing The Right Neighborhood - 09/24/14 01:22 AM
Everyone desires a home they love, and located in a great neighborhood.  Sometimes, home buyers do not do sufficient preparation and research to determine which neighborhood they want to purchase their new home.  All buyers have to make that determination themselves by gathering information from several sources: friends, realtors, talking to residence within a neighborhood, internet research about the neighborhood, and driving the neighborhood at different times of day.  Each buyer needs to realize that no one neighborhood is the right community for all buyers.  As a buyer, you need to determine your needs and desires, budget and do some strong … (2 comments)

neighborhood: Home Negotiation - 02/19/14 12:41 AM
Home buyers are always trying figure out ways they can negotiate a great deal when selling and/or buying a home.  One of the first things that you must identify is the type of market that existed in your area.  There are three types of markets that may exist in given area, not necessarily countrywide: First, is it a seller’s market, this existed when there is low inventory of homes on the market, and high number buyers wanting to purchase a home.  Second, is it a buyer’s market, this is the reverse of seller’s market.  Third, is a stable market, this exists … (0 comments)

neighborhood: Buy New House versus Resale House - 09/24/13 11:32 PM
Seller who wants to sell their recently built home while new construction is occurring in their subdivision needs to give extra consideration to determine the market value.  This means, the seller has to determine the market effect new construction will have on sales price for his home.  Additionally, the seller needs to determine whether he is selling in a buyers or sellers’ market.  In sellers’ market, recently built home may not be a great disadvantage which causes the seller to reduce his list price to sell quickly.  Normally, when selling in a sellers’ market, and the property is in excellent condition … (0 comments)

neighborhood: Key Areas to Inspect When Purchasing Home - 11/05/12 10:09 PM
Buying a home can be both exciting and frustrating.  Before starting your home search, you need to develop a checklist of amenities that are a must, and nice to have.  Part of your checklist should include a visual inspection of important areas within the house prior to making an offer. Following are areas within a house that need an inspection:
·     Foundation:  Inspect for major cracks in the foundation and outside walls of the house. Cracks can be caused by certain types of soil which the home is built on, trees either too close to the structure or wrong type of … (0 comments)

neighborhood: Buyers Consider Fixer-Uppers and Affordability - 09/11/12 10:53 AM
In today’s market some home buyers are only considering homes that are in move-in condition.  This is especially true with some first-time home buyers.  After touring many homes these buyers are becoming discourage because they are unable to find a home they can afford.  If this is true, the buyers should consider purchasing an older and/or fixer-upper home.  This will allow them to gradually build up equity, and give them a chance to more quickly purchase their dream home instead of continuing to pay rent.   If a buyer decides to go with a fixer-upper, get an inspection, and determine the estimated … (0 comments)

neighborhood: Buying New House Advantages - 05/09/12 02:08 AM
Home buyers sometimes debate the issue whether to buy a new or resale house.  In the initial stages of their home search they may look at both new and resale houses.  Some of the advantages of purchasing a resale home are: you become a part of established neighborhood; have more mature trees and old charm, etc.  Also, here some key advantages to purchase a new home:   
·     Contain the most modern trends, materials and technology – This means there is better utilization of space, such as: walk-in closets, home offices, guest suites, and versatile kitchens.  In addition, green building and more energy … (0 comments)

neighborhood: How to Know When You Are Ready to Buy - 01/20/12 07:57 AM
Many times people have difficultly determining whether they are ready to buy.  This is true for renters and people who need to move-up or down-size.  There are signs that may help you determine whether you are a ready buyer:
·     If you are person who is familiar with the current market conditions, paying close attention to how much houses are listed for in desired neighborhoods and a have realistic understanding how much your new home will cost you.
·     Have money to cover 3 to 20% down payment plus closing cost.  Closing cost will run between 2 and 7% of the value of … (1 comments)

neighborhood: How to Make a Great Offer - 12/13/11 11:40 AM
After you have been pre-approved to purchase a home, then it is time for serious house hunting.  When you find the house you like to call home, then it is time to make an offer.  At this point in time, you need to make a good offer.  How do I make a good offer?  First, you need to understand the market conditions in the area by knowing whether you are in a buyer’s or seller’s market.  Second, you need to have financing terms that you are comfortable with.  Third, when making an offer the fewer contingencies you have in the offer, … (1 comments)

neighborhood: Should I Buy a New Home versus an Existing Home? - 11/30/11 01:58 AM
When embarking on the process of buying a home, you will need to make a decision on whether to purchase a new home or an existing home.  There is no single right answer to this question.  I do recommend you spent some time looking at both new and existing homes prior to making your decision.  Sometimes the right decision is based on timing, because there are better deals available with either a new or existing home.  You may be drawn to a new home with its shiny new, energy-efficient appliances, more space, larger master bedrooms and closets, etc.  On the other … (1 comments)

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