property: Myths That May Keep Home Buyers on Sidelines - 10/30/18 06:51 AM
Consumers in today’s market tend to have a lot of assumptions about the housing market.  Many times, assumptions are incorrect and cause them to miss out on a great property deal.  Following are some of the assumptions and opposing viewpoints on some assumptions:
20% Down Payment - Some buyers want to wait until they have a 20% down payment.  This may cause them to miss out on a good deal.  Historically homes prices keep rising over the long run, therefore, their 20% down payment becomes larger.  Since this is true, need to move forward purchasing a house in order to build … (0 comments)

property: Know The Important Facts About Title Insurance - 05/08/18 06:00 AM
Title policy will be required whenever you purchase a home and have a mortgage loan on the property.  Normally, the policy is purchased by the seller of the property.  Title policy is an insurance policy that protects the homeowner from fraudulent claims made against their ownership, mistakes made in earlier sales, such as, misspelling of names or inaccurate location descriptions of property.  The title policy will also protect the lender for defects in the title cause by mistakes made at the local tax office, forged documents, and claims from other parties.  It ensures that the mortgage documents are valid and enforceable.  … (1 comments)

property: Buying Home in Hot Market - 09/22/17 05:44 AM
Anytime a person purchases a home it may be a stressful experience.  Homebuyers, usually are emotional, and are trying to buy the perfect home before another buyer beats them to the purchase.  Becoming knowledgeable about the home buying process, surrounding your good professional realtor and lender, and being ready to move fast can help to eliminate stress.  A buyer may be able to reduce stress by taking advantage of following tips when competing in the market place:
Property alerts – You and/or realtor can setup instant property alerts when a new property comes on the market.  These are real estate websites that … (1 comments)

property: Housing Costs Than Can Cause Havoc with Family Budget - 04/26/17 06:30 AM
When purchasing a new home or living in your current home there will be unexpected expenses that occur that may put stress on the family budget.  Planning, researching, and having financial reserves for unexpected occurrences are key elements that need to be practiced in order to prevent financial disaster.  Areas where you need to practice conservatism to some degree: 
Home improvements – It is human nature, want to make improvements to your new home, or a home that is in excellent condition.  The reason for this, the desire to make the home uniquely yours, or give it a new look.  Need … (1 comments)

property: Pros and Cons for Home Remodeling - 11/29/16 05:50 AM
Remodeling or adding a home addition can be a great idea and good investment.  Some things that affect the effectiveness of such a project are interest rates, property values and length of time you will enjoy the completed project.  Before moving forward with such a project, you may want to consider the following items before making your final decision:
Additional expense – The cost of the project is probably first major consideration prior to beginning the project.  Need to estimate the cost of the project and be prepared to accept some cost overruns when unexpected things occur.  If you are making an … (2 comments)

property: Financing Down Payments and Renovations - 11/09/16 09:57 PM
It is important to have a proven financial system when buying or remodeling a house or condominium.  One important aspect to a successful system is having the ability to provide a higher down payment.  Following are some considerations a buyer needs to be aware of when financing down payments and renovations:
Banks and lenders want low risk – Financial institutions want maximum down payment, and will give the borrower a better deal if buyer offers a lower risk scenario.  By doing this the borrower will get the following benefits: reduced mortgage payments, lower interest rates, possibility no mortgage insurance fees, and ability … (0 comments)

property: Understanding and How to Prevent Paying Mortgage Insurance - 10/05/16 10:39 PM
Many people, especially when buying their first home are unable put down 20% of the sales price plus pay the buyer’s closing cost.  Before a mortgage lender will approve a potential home buyer they must verify they will have sufficient equity in the property.  The lender is insured and wants to be able to re-sell property without incurring a loss if necessary due to foreclosure, etc.  The insurance carried by mortgage lender is call Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) when using conventional financing.  The homeowner will be required to pay PMI until they have accumulated more than 20% equity in the property.  … (1 comments)

property: Do Knots That May Cause Your Home Not Too Sell - 09/07/16 02:50 AM
When selling your home, it usually has its challenges, such as, preparing the property to show, selecting the proper realtor to sell your house, and timing the sale of your current property to correspond with your move into your new home.  Whatever your circumstances are, you need to have a smooth sale, and the sale occurs quickly.  In order for this to happen, there are few things you should consider not doing:
Taking your own photos -  Have professional photos taken and many homes should include a virtual tour.  Most home buyers are looking online first, which makes this is extremely important.  … (1 comments)

property: Home Buyers Dislikes - 11/29/15 10:39 PM
Many of today’s home buyers are very savvy and know what they want when they are buying their home.  They are able to detect things about a house that are suspicious that will prevent them from further considering the house.  Following are a few things that irritate potential home buyers:
Sellers who cover up issues within their home – These issues can range from bad odors to foundation issues.  Sometimes the seller will not disclose important issues within the seller’s disclosure report.  If these types of things happen, this may lead to either buyer backing out of the deal at the last … (1 comments)

property: Consider Curb Appeal When Remodeling - 11/16/15 09:24 PM
When doing exterior remodeling to your home always think about what home buyers may desire if you were to sell your home.  If you are not sure, recommend talking to friends and professionals about your remodeling ideas.  With home prices rising in some areas, you want to get the best return on your investment when you need or decide to sell.  Sometimes small remodeling changes will improve the resale value of your home.  Another consideration a seller needs to understand and be realistic about, is whether their property is located in a rapidly inflating area.  Being aware of this fact, allows … (4 comments)

property: Real Estate Considerations - 09/23/15 12:37 AM
Current and future homeowners usually are not involved with real estate on a daily bases.  At the most, many of these homeowners are involved with selling and/or buying a house once every decade.  Even with low exposure to real estate, many people think they understand how it works, based on their past experience and talking to family and friends.  Some of things they believe to be true are false which may hinder their chances of buying and/or selling at the right time and price.  If it has been a long time since a person has done a real estate transaction, they … (1 comments)

property: Understanding Deed Restrictions - 06/18/15 04:09 AM
Many times when you buy property there are restrictions that will prevent you from doing certain things.  These are deed restrictions which are written into the property’s deed. These restrictions come in the form of conditions, covenants and restrictions.  Many times the restrictions were probably developed by the builder, prior owner, or homeowner associations, etc.  The purpose of these rules is to ensure some uniformity between homeowner’s property and neighborhood, restrict certain activities, maintain value and create good relationships within the neighborhood.  Deed restrictions can vary widely between neighborhoods and the following list is an example of some restrictions:
·        Size of … (2 comments)

property: Prepare Yourself Before Buying A Foreclosure - 06/04/15 11:29 PM
Any investor or homeowner wishing purchase a foreclosure property needs to realize it takes time and work to purchase this type of property.  These properties do exist and with due diligence you can be successful.  The main things you must evaluate prior to purchasing the property:
·    Determine the value of property – develop a market analysis of similar properties within the same subdivision.  Included with the market analysis should be an evaluation of the neighborhood, which includes what the neighborhood looks like, how fast homes are selling, and future resale value.
·    Determine condition of property – Have the property inspected by … (2 comments)

property: Simultaneously Becoming A Home Buyer and Investor - 03/11/15 11:46 PM
Sometimes home buyers either want to own a home and use a portion of building as rental property, or purchase separate property for investment.  For first time home buyers, this may be challenging, but possible.  First time home buyers may find this too be expensive.  When entering into either arrangement there are some important factors to consider:
·      If purchasing property for an investment, you will be required to take out an investment loan.  These loans normally have higher credit requirements, down payments, and interest rates.  If you live on the property, normally you can get better interest rates.

property: Prepare Home For Selling - 02/18/15 01:02 AM
Prior to putting your home on the market, need to take time to recondition the property.  Evaluate the exterior and interior of the home for inexpensive improvements that need to be completed prior to listing the property.  Usually, better to have the improvements completed prior to listing the property.  This way the house is prepared for the highest volume of potential buyers which normally come early in the sales cycle.  Start with the exterior, which is the first thing a seen by buyer.  It is extremely important to have great curb appeal, otherwise, there is a high probability that drive-by buyers … (0 comments)

property: Understanding Buyer’s Offer - 10/20/14 12:55 AM
After putting your home on the market, you finally receive an offer from a buyer.  If you receive multiple offers, you are going to want your realtor to notify all potential buyers that you are in multi-offer environment and give the potential buyer’s approximately 24 hours to submit their final and best offer.  After this has occurred, you will evaluate the offers.  Do not get carried away with the dollar offer, be sure to evaluate all the other terms within the offer.  Remember seller concessions which may include: personal, or real property, and/or seller contributing to the buyer’s closing cost which … (4 comments)

property: Net Proceeds from Sale of Your Property - 04/16/14 11:36 PM
Prior to listing your home, a realtor should provide an estimate of net proceeds to the seller based on market analysis of your home.  After receiving an offer, revised net proceeds should be provided to you based on the terms of the offer.  In each state, the rules and cost associated with selling property may differ, therefore, it is best to employ the services of a realtor who is trained and understands which costs are normally buyer and seller expenses.  Also, remember, most expenses can be negotiated between buyer and seller.  Following is a list of expenses a seller may experience … (1 comments)

property: Home Seller Mistakes - 03/14/14 12:09 AM
When home sellers get ready to sell their property they need to be sure they are not taking some inappropriate steps.  Prior to making any major updates to your home get opinions from professionals and friends, otherwise, this may severely affect your bottom line in a negative way.  Following is a list key seller mistakes:
·      Putting the property on the market before it is ready.  Most visitors view the property at the front-end of the sales cycle.  Therefore, complete all repairs and updating of the property before marketing.  In addition, have a complete set of photos and flyers available, … (1 comments)

property: Pay Off Your Debt and Buy a Home - 02/27/14 11:05 PM
In this day in age there are many people who would love to own their own home or drastically reduce the amount they owe on their property.  Many of these people have accumulated debt that does not permit this to happen.  In order to get out of debt a person must develop a realistic action plan with short, medium and long term goals.  The action plan and goals must be in a written document.  Following are some suggestions on how to get out of debt:
·         Identify extras that are not absolutely needed in your life, and reduce or eliminate.

property: Combined Grand Entrance with Curb Appeal - 01/24/14 03:17 AM
Curb appeal is buyers’ first impression of a property follow by an equally important grand entrance to the home.  Potential buyer’s senses should be equally pleased with the entryway of the home. Passing this test will leave a lasting impression on the mind of the buyer.  At this point, the buyer will be eager to tour the house for all the other features.  Entrance should add quality and make people think of the home as a rich property, therefore, encouraging them to make a higher offer.  The flooring at the entrance of the home should vary from the rest of the … (0 comments)

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