Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Clients' Choice I feel a little stupid!

I was talking with an agent today and we were on the subject about how to communicate a listing presentation with a seller when the seller lives somewhere else.

My thoughts on the matter were to use, which allows the seller to view your computer screen anywhere in the world and the seller and agent can phone conference in and do the listing presentation that way. I was feel pretty good about coming up with that solution...but then another agent had a GREAT idea that I have not thought of before.

The other agent said why not use and do a live video conference with the they can see you face to face. What a GREAT ID. I totally use skype for personal reasons, talking with my niece and nephew or talking with my brother or sister. But for some reason I never drew a connection with using skype for business purposes.

Sometimes the answers are right there in front of us...we just need someone to open our eyes to them.

If you have another suggestion as to how you communicate with sellers or buyers when they are out of state, please let me know...I am all ears!

Thanks much

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