Are you GREEN?

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Have you ever heard it said that in life there are basically three kinds of people?   Well there really are you know. 

 There are people that WATCH things happen - and we call them Spectators.

 There are people that MAKE things happen - and we call them Facilitators.

 And then there are people that are just always saying, "WHAT HAPPENED?!" (and we call them "Taters" =).

 Well for all you Facilitators out there, here's the latest: 

NAR's new Green Designation which just became available in November 2008 may be the very best way to bring real value to your clients, not to mention your own business, your own home, and even the environment for that matter.   And the impact this designation has really is  in just that order - it impacts your customers, then it impacts you (your business and your family), and then, as result, you can be assured of making a long term residual impact, if you will, on the environment. 

And that's what makes the Green Designation such an attractive option to a lot of real estate professionals, but not a lot have acted on it yet.

Naturally, there are those who may be hesitant that the term "Green" could somehow impose a controversial label on their business that they may end up being uncomfortable with in the long run, but keep in mind, the new Green Designation isn't mostly about changing weather patterns across the planet, it's mostly about bringing value and the ability to communicate that value to environmentally conscious consumers.

So by all means don't let any hesitancy that the term "Green" invokes in your thinking frighten you into becoming a Spectator (or even a "Tater" for that matter)! 

 The new designation is really about meeting the needs of environmentally conscious consumers interested in saving money while at the same time preserving the environment.  The Green Designation will show you how to save green ($$$) with every innovation from bamboo flooring to passive solar heating, and allow you to become an expert in that area as you communicate these savings to environmentally conscious consumers with "just the right message, to just the right people, in just the right way, at just the right time."  

 To find out more about The Green Designation, and other related topics start with this article - Accolades Grow for NAR's Green Designation, and then, there's more at The Green Resource Council as well as NAR Accredited Designations & Courses .


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