North and Northwest Austin Homes: What you get for the Money- $300,000-$400,000.

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North and Northwest Austin Homes: What you get for the Money- $300,000-$400,000.

In an earlier post, I discussed what you can get for your money in NORTHWEST AUSTIN HOMES: Hunters Chase and Milwood Subdivisions.

Hunters Chase and Milwood are great areas to live and I am a resident there myself. It appeals to first time home buyers as well as couples or small families. As people move up in their career and/or their families grow, they start to think about moving up. This is where we would play the theme for The Jeffersons if this was on TV (Movin' on the East side) Here in Austin, you don't have to move to the East side (unless you want to)***. Many people would like to move to a bigger home or a swankier area or both but still be close to work and the restaurants, shops and schools that their family is used to. Well, Northwest Austin is great for that. Less than five miles from areas that are great neighborhoods for first time home buyers and young families, there are great neighborhoods for move-up families. A move-up family is one or more people that own a home that they would like to sell and purchase a newer and/or bigger and/or fancier home.

Today I am going to focus on three general areas in Northwest Austin that are great for people looking to spend $300,000-$400,000 on a home. We will look briefly at what you can get in the areas of Great Hills, Canyon Creek and Balcones Village. There are other areas with a small concentration of homes in this price range like Balcones Woods and Jester but these are areas that have a good number of homes available in this price range.
Great Hills Austin Homes: This area is Southwest of the intersection of Hwy 183 and Loop 360. The homes are all around the Arboretum area. This area is all about location, location, location.

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North and Northwest Austin Homes: What you get for the Money- $300,000-$400,000.

***If you are interested in Moving on up to the East side, check out a great post by a fellow REALTOR Garreth Wilcock about what you can buy for $300,000-$400,000 in the Mueller Austin Development.
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