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Magic in BloggingBlogging on Active Rain IS the most astounding way of communicating with the consumer and peers that I have ever encountered.  Blogging means to make my own magic by writing with conviction and passion about a subject I want to get out to the public, the consumer, to others in the Real Estate Industry and of course to other members in the Active Rain community.

Amongst following the general rules and guidelines for Active Rain (found right on our home page and at the bottom of each and every page) these other tips may be helpful to find your own "routine" and quality of writing for blogging on Active Rain. Believe me, this is no easy feat when there are almost 137,000 members and trying to read their posts as well as the ones we are already subscribed to.

I do make it a point to keep balance in my life with blogging vs. work vs. family vs. me time.

Real Estate, Family, Blogging: Time Management = BALANCE 

My routine for blogging is not as severe (addict style) as it was before but the following is how I still run my day.

  • Grab my coffee and settle down to check my email.  And we all know this is the start of your blogging day because ALL your comments to your posts are in your email :) So, I go down the line of emails (I use Outlook...made simple to just click on the down arrow button) and delete as I go along answering client related emails and AR and sticking junk email in their proper place...."Add Sender to Blocked Sender's List".
  • Log into Active Rain and click on Home Page  For me it is my most important page. It has "Messages" and has a whole list of who responded to my posts and the ones I commented on. Now this is why I DO NOT click on "notify me of new comments".
  • Click on the "Blogs" tab and check out all the bloggers I subscribe to. Now, if you're new or just don't realize this subscribing to blogs I'll tell you right now. It makes it easier to read the writer's you are interested in. I continuously add and "clean" my list constantly. The reason being is that the list gets long and there are some who join AR and leave and the list becomes too long to keep them on if they aren't going to remain active. OR their writing may not be the kind I really like but wanted to give it a try but in the end they got deleted (I may add them back on later if the writer gets more interesting)
  • Go into Groups I have joined (if time permits) to see if there are new writers/articles I missed in that particular group category. I have formed my own group POSITIVE ATTITUDE for the Weary Soul and it has proven to be my favorite group to get the "be still" time. I find a lot of other posts that give me inspiration for the soul in here and when times get a little "weary" it is a wonderful place for me to relax.

Your content will be your magic. If you write ORIGINAL content that is from the soul, your heart and from you you will be read. Be REAL! Write as if the reader is walking along side of you while you're explaining your local area attractions or your tips for home buyers and so forth. Do not plagiarize (steal others pictures, content etc.) and try to claim it as your own.

  • Start a post with an idea. I have found that taking pictures around the island that I can surely come up with something. I go over it...revise it in draft and so forth. If it's a rant, I sit on it overnight. Usually I'll delete it in the morning. :)  Otherwise, it's revised so much it turns into a Blogging Magiclearning session.
  • Adding a picture or two to catch the eye and "color" your post.  After clicking on the picture you want to insert, make sure you click on the "appearance" tab, size your picture and also click on the drop down box to enter your picture to the right or left. You can also use the verticle/horizontal space so your picture is set away from your words. TITLE YOUR PICTURES! Goole picks up on those too.
  • Content of Posts: Use bullets to enhance points and bold only the pertinent info to a paragraph or point.  When you bold or highlight too much the reader will miss what you're trying to make an important point with. The same for not putting a valid point in bold. If nothing is in bold I guaranty that I'll think it's all running into each other and it becomes that ever so famous "wall of words".
  • Titles will attract the reader. Be original! I now leave my post in draft until I have time to edit, change the title, edit some more. When I feel comfortable with it then I will post. If I can't come up with a more catchy title I post it anyway. :) 
  • Add good tags, keywords along with your titles and great content and you will be found in Google!  Go to your search bar and enter SEO and you'll get plenty of help in understanding the life of a blog and the internet search.

And on a side note...I have simple rules for me to follow....Think it may help you?

  • Write with conviction and passion because everyone will read you if you do.
  • Write with original content and your own pictures you've taken because everyone will read if you do. 
  • Write with wit, humor and emotion because everyone will read you if you do.
  • Write with the intent of giving back to the community because everyone will read you and give back to you and the community too.
  • Write with integrity, honesty and respect because everyone deserves it and so do you.
  • Write a comment or two relating to the post you just read (it shows sincerity) and everyone will continue to come back and read you too.
  • Write from your own thoughts and creativity because no one will read you if you don't.

Happy Blogging!


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