Teaching about the Real Estate Market is easier than Selling Real Estate

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Our businesses have changed so much in the last few years it is mind boggling sometimes.  There are 5 very iimportant numbers we need to educate our clients about which will affect the successful sale of their home. The number of home sales recently; the sales prices; the inventory; mortgage rates and affordability. If we appeal to their sense of logic and intelligence in this market (wrap it up nicely in your presentation face) you will surely impress. The last nugget comes into play with Location, Location, Location! This is what they need you for. You are the neighborhood expert and trending specialist. Start with the five though and you will win them over. Our clients are looking for someone to make heads and tails of everything they hear elsewhere!

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Kenny Hayslett
Re/Max Realtec Group - Clearwater, FL

Great post, to the point.  It's what we try to do for each of our clients.  We cannot control the market, we can only research, make reccommendations, and sell based on the information we have right in front of us.  Luckily we have the internet now in full force, so changes in a home price (for either the Buyer or Seller) can be made in seconds.  Daily email updates on price changes and property status are proof of how quickly this market is changing.

Mar 25, 2009 02:36 AM