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Don't Say Cheese

Drug traffickers are always looking for ways to hook kids, hiding and making false claims about the harmfulness of the drugs they sell. In an effort to profit off kids, traffickers are peddling a substance called "cheese." It's not what it seems. It's a deadly mixture of black tar heroin and ground up over-the-counter medicine. Some people think it looks like grated cheese or rough sand, but it is far from harmless. Since 2005, 21 teens in the Dallas area have died from using it.

By using a common name and by selling it cheaply, traffickers are aiming to get kids as young as eleven and twelve addicted. Traffickers can call it anything they want-but the truth is: heroin kills. Many young teens don't understand that it is easy to overdose while using heroin. In some cases, cheese users believe they are getting small doses of heroin when in fact, traffickers have mixed in a high percentage of the drug.

Teens who are selling the drug to other teens have been arrested by police. Drug trafficking is a serious charge and law enforcement, including DEA, takes this very seriously.

Don't be fooled. Traffickers will stoop to any low to get teens high.

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