What a Good Realtor Should be Providing

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 First of all, a good realtor should always meet with the client before working on buying or selling a home for them. Realtors know a lot about home buying, but until they sit down with you and discuss your goals, they can’t really provide you with a quality service.

They should present a marketing plan. There are certain things all realtors do to help sell a home, for instance they put the home in the Multiple Listings Service (MLS), put up a sign in front of the home and advertise the home on their marketing network. But, each home is different and should involve additional marketing tactics.

A good realtor should always be available, especially during work hours. Realtors have lives just like everyone else, but their job requires them to be available at odd hours. If you’re putting forth considerable effort to contact your realtor, the realtor is not doing a very good job.

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