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With so much of the financials dominating the news, why not change around the focus and emphasis a bit.  Green Valley, Arizona is not only a very interesting and beautiful place to call home, but also quiet place to enjoy having a meal.

If you are on the budget side, there is of course our friendly neighborhood McDonalds or maybe our local Whopper.  If you want to elevate a bit, try our hometown Arby's or the newer Carl's Jr. in the Super Wal Mart Center.  I dare not forget the Taco Bell by the Desert Sky Cinemas.

Should someone want down home style cooking, there is Mama's in the Continental Center...right around the corner from our office.  Also, you might give Donna's Diner a shot, they are right off Esperanza.  And Before you find them you will run into the Arizona Family Restaurant.

For the more adventurous diner, there are three Mexican restaurants.  First you have La Placita right off Esperanza. Next up is Manuel's which is located on W. Duvall Road, near the Jim Click Ford dealership.  And then you have Florentino's next to Ashley furniture on Duvall Mine Road.  A few doors down from Ashley's is Solarus, which is a great steakhouse, salad and sandwich sit down restaurant.  If you are looking for Italian, you may want to visit Ragazzi's on Esperanza.  Also, Florentino's on Duval or Trivetti's on Continental.

If you are visiting the recreation centers, the Coyote Grill at the San Igncaio Golf Club is great as well as the Grill at Canoa Ranch Golf Course.  Please don't forget the Grill at Quail Creek because they have great food also.

Well, you have notice I have neglected to mention Chinese food.  One might choose China Vics in the Continental Center.  You might also like China View off of Esperanza. Also, there is a Panda Restaurant in the Basha's Shopping Center.  And finally, top off your meal with a Dairy Queen at Duvall Mine Road or Kokopelli's Gelato on Continental Road.

Now that you have enjoyed a relaxing meal here, give us a call and buy a home in Green Valley.  Find us at our website:  www.greenvalleyazsearch.com


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