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How to know if you are an REO Agent

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We have all been working with cleints and or properties that are a little different than say 5 years ago. Every other e-mail I get is about how to become a "REO" Mega Lister. Here are 10 ways to determine if you are ALREADY an REO Agent.

Number 10: The recommended price of the home you are listing is less than the car you bought in 1995.

Number 9: The words " AS-IS WHERE AS" have become very familiar to you.

Number 8: You are not sure that there is a yard sign because the grass is so high.

Number 7: You never speak to an actual person - e-mail only PLEASE.

Number 6: You prepare more BPO's, reports and updates than actual contracts.

Number 5: You have more deadlines than a newpaper reporter.

Number 4: You think "Is this 1,000 commission a downpayment on the full commission"?

Number 3: You get in a 2 page addendum with a contract and think " Where are the other 14 pages?"

Number 2: None of your clients work on Saturday and Sunday.

Number 1: There is a chalk outline in the living room floor.

Now get out there and sell those toxic listings!