A Good View is Good for Value

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White sandy beaches looking out to the crystal blue ocean, a luminous skyline reflecting off glistening waters, a vast landscape pocked with colorful vegetation, these scenic vistas are some of the most sought-after in the world. If you have a place, or are looking for a place with these sorts of views, it can be a great investment opportunity. Having a great view sells a home like no other. Just like having an amazing master bedroom and bathroom can sell a home on its own, having a great view can do the same.

The fact that great views are so valuable means that homes can be sold for above the value of comparable homes without great views. It also means that when competing with a comparable home for a buyer, the seller with a better view has stronger leverage in negotiations. Certain markets like Miami Beach condos, sell condo units that may be side by side, but one has a better view than the other.

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