Three Articles About Loan Modification Fraud/Scam Companies on

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More Fraud From Loan Modification Companies: HOPE NOW:

" According to the Commission, the defendants advertised, marketed, and sold mortgage loan modification services to consumers nationwide using Web sites including and The FTC charged the defendants with violating federal law by misrepresenting that they could obtain mortgage loan modifications for consumers in all or virtually all cases and that they would refund consumers' money if they did not. "

Another Scam Company In Southern California:

" I don't know why common sense is lacked by most people these days. Guys, because Obama is on TV saying he will help doesn't mean the mom pop loan modification company will. In fact, I am willing to bet that less than 10% of the Loan Modification Companies in California are operating legally. Let's forget my opinion for a minute, I know 9 loan modification companies here in Orange County - and not one of them is operating legally. 100% of all the companies I know personally are operating illegally. Don't be surprised. "

Florida Takes 4 To Court For Charging Up Front Fees:

" The defendants are accused of charging homeowners in foreclosure as much as $2,995 for loan-modification services but not providing any services. The attorney general's office also accuses the defendants of offering legal services to customers, which it says constitutes the unauthorized practice of law. "

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