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Mill Avenue Music on Mill

In an effort to help create a more vibrant Mill Avenue District, the Tempe community group has created a new street experience called “Music on Mill”.  Beginning April 9th, 2009, the weekly event will be held every Thursday evening from 5pm to 9pm along Mill Avenue.  According to published reports, the plan is to create:

“a showcase of local musicians and performers. Music on Mill is a nod to Tempe's vibrant music history, and particularly Mill Avenue, where all of the bars were located that sprouted such bands as the Gin Blossoms, The Refreshments, Dead Hot Workshop and the Meat Puppets. Musicians and performers, covering a gamut of musical genres, will activate public space and give visitors a positive, unique experience in the Mill Avenue District.  Musicians scheduled to perform for “Music on Mill” can easily be identified by branded donation buckets that will be placed at each of their locations. The public is encouraged to donate towards performances so musicians return week after week. Merchants are also being prompted to host live musical acts within their venues to add to the “Music on Mill” experience.”

While we are excited about the prospect of adding this new energy and creative experience to Mill Avenue, we hope that this look backwards to what Mill Avenue “used to be” isn’t a substitute for what Mill Avenue could become.  Mill Avenue has too much potential!  That potential will not be fully realized by trying to recreate what Mill Avenue used to be.  A totally different, unique experience, one that may include a music scene, will be what makes the “New Mill Avenue” special.  Hopefully, Music on Mill gets that new experience rolling.

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