Hell With Renters Caught in the Crossfire?????

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Wow.....I was following a case that my friend is involved in.  She is a young mother, and has a son with Downs Syndrome.  Very intelligent, soft spoken lady who is 100% devoted to her son.

She lives in a house that was foreclosed upon. GMAC is the mortgage holder.  She submitted a very, very good offer to them prior to the foreclosure (while it was in that fake "short sale" process we have all been scammed into) GMAC IGNORED her offer to purchase and went ahead with the foreclosure

Isn't it nice to know that GMAC got your bailout money....but does not want to sell those bad debts to willing and able buyers?  They just evict them....leave the house empty and suck the tax payers dry.  Word on the street is that they are not the only mortgage company doing this.  Oh, no my friend.  Your bailout money is being spread wide and far (think AIG).  No strings, no controls, no collateral?  Why do the taxpayers not own these homes we paid for?  Huh?

Now, get this, The judge who was hearing the eviction case, denied her a hearing!  Basically, he said OUT IN TEN DAYS.  No trial, no due process, screw the legal system.  Just get out.  I don't care if you paid your rent....just get out. What is the mortgage company in such a hurry for?  They got their money.....and they have their hands out looking for MORE!  But don't forget...they are IGNORING bonafide offers to purchase. 

Want to hear something even more hysterical?  I wrote a letter to Congressman Wolf about these evictions.  Basically, renters are out on the street....even if they paid their rent.  I was shocked that the bill giving renters 90 days after foreclosure was poo-pooed (but the owners who pocket the rent money get off scott free).  So, I write a letter to Wolf and he sends a polite letter back agreeing with my "frustration" over the high salaries of CEO's!!!!!!!!  Huh?  My letter was about RENTERS!!!!!!  Guess someone clicked on the wrong form letter button eh?

So, what has to happen before the innocent are no longer put out on the street and the culprits do not profit from their own dirty dealings? 

Heck if I know.  Guess I'll write another letter to my congressman...this time, maybe I'll even get a form letter back about what I actually took the time to write him about.

In the meantime.....you greedy b$#$&%$% at the mortgage company that is evicting my friend.....hell will freeze over before I ever buy one of your products again.  Maybe my voice is just a drop in the bucket, but at least I am making a stand. 

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A year or so ago I too was working the banks short sale scam.....went thru the same stuff...I had ready, willing and able CASH buyers to take the deals, and they were willing to continue the rents on the existing tennants.

Not one deal was accepted, and my heart could no longer deal with the daily emotional roller coaster. So I moved to REO.....

Same investors, but the homes are actually available for sale.


In Fl, the occupants of a house that is entering foreclosure are served by the Sherrifs Dept, in person. This gives the actual occupants of a home notice, and "may" allow a tennant rights to quit paying. It in any case gives constructive notice that there is an issue, and provides time and some assistance in dealing with a landlord that may attempt to throw them out for non payment.

While its not perfect, it does give 3 to 4 months time for the tennant to save up to move....

Mar 27, 2009 03:24 AM
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