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The California State Contractors Licensing Board has just issued a warning of a remodeling scam in California and other states.  It is an old scheme,  and appears to be part of the gypsy group,  known as the Travelers.  Here is a link if you want to know more about the Travelers.  http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/168593/beware_the_traveler_home_improvement.html .  Apparantly,  what they do is to knock on doors,  telling some story about why they can offer some fabulous discount to do repairs (reseal roof,  driveways, etc) for the homeowner e.g.  Just finished another job and have extra materials, etc.   Then,  they get cash,  have no contract (or one with no addresses) and do shoddy,  if any,  work.  By the time the homeowner finds out,  they are long gone. And,  they especially target the senior citizens.

This seems like it would be wonderful material for email blasts to your clients or added to your farming newsletters.  Here are the red flags that the licensing board warns us to look out for.


The CSLB offers these home repair rip-off “red flags” you should be aware of:

1 -- Door-to-door solicitations from individuals that tell you they are related  

2 -- An offer to do painting, roofing, or paving repairs at huge discount

3 -- An offer to apply “sealers” to roofs, walls, concrete, or asphalt

4 -- A claim they have left-over materials at a very cheap price

5 -- High pressure or scare tactics

6 -- The use of the Charles Johnston Stewart and Charles Stewart Johnston is common

7 -- A reluctance to give an up-front price or a written contract in advance of work being performed

8 -- A demand for cash

9 -- Brand-new vehicles, truck-mounted spray machines, and out-of-state license plates

10 - Toll-free telephone numbers instead of local numbers

11 - Post office boxes, private mail boxes, and suites instead of local business addresses


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